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Whistler BC - December 2005

Christi and I went up to Whistler to celebrate her birthday. It was wonderful! We went up on Friday, checked into a romantic room in the Fairmont, and got in a great weekend of skiing, shopping, dining, and even a few spa treatments.

Go to Apres! If you go to Whistler you must go to Apres for dinner! We'd hadn't been there before but the Concierge recommended it and I think it was the best meal I've have ever had (Christi says second best for her, and took a little offence that I rated it over her taco salad). We had the chef's five course tasting menu and it was stunning. The next day we were going to go somewhere else, but there was a wait and it was right across from Apres so we ditched and went back again. It was outstanding the second time too.


Blackcomb at Night

A night shot of Blackcomb

Covered Bridge

The covered bridge you cross when walking from the Fairmont to the villiage

The River

I love the way the water smoothes out when the shutter is open for a bit longer

Frozen Plant

In front of the Roots store I found this little plant that had water dripping and freezing on it

Blackcomb Base again

The way you can see through the snow that's falling off the roof is really cool

Holiday Lights

A longer exposure results in cool starbursts on the christmas lights

Christi on the Slopes

We had one day to ski and it was beautiful. I took a chance and took my big camera skiing and got some great shots

The Hill

Looking down the hill at the village sitting at the base

Zoom In

A shot toward the base showing the lifts and a better view of the village

Across the Valley

As the sun started to come up you could see the sun hitting the peaks across the valley

World Championship Snowboarding

An Olympic trial snow boarding competition was happening on the hill while we were up there. It was really cool

Major Air

We watched the Japanese Women's team was doing their runs

Nice Contrast

I love how this shot catches her hanging in the air

Triple Wiggly Stomp

Okay, I don't know what any of the moves are called, but I think this would be a good name if I every get called in to come up with them

Even More Air

She's way up there on this one. I'm pretty sure I could do that if I wasn't so busy with other stuff

Don't Run Over the Photographer

A snowboarder hanging in the air over one of the photographers

Cool Close-up

I like the angle on this one

Back Down the Valley

Looking over the base of the snowboard competition down the valley

Snow Bunny

Christi looking adorable on the chairlift


Christi looking cute

Christi Close Up

I love the angle on this shot. It's right before we got to each lunch, and I was exhausted

Me, Excited About Lunch

A shot of me dying for lunch

After Lunch

Here I am drinking my hot chocolate and being happy about having lunch

Hungry Bird

I got to feed this bird out on the deck. He flew over and landed on my hand so he could grab a piece of bread I was holding out for him

Onion Ring

I gave him an onion ring too. He thought it was great


We don't get a lot of pictures of the two of us, but a nice guy on the deck took this for us

The Fairmont

The Fairmont is the building with the green peak about halfway across and about a third of the way down

Looking Back Up

Looking back up Blackcomb before we head in for some drinks and a massage

Howe Sound

We had to pull over to get this shot of a ship tied up on Howe Sound. If you've ever been up to Whistler you may remember the scary coal mine building on the hillside. This ship is right across the road from it