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Sydney Australia - February 2004

In February 2004 we had an opportunity to go to Sydney Australia to run a Security Mobilization Airlift over there. It is one of the coolest places I've ever been. The cool waterfront city feel of Seattle, the culture of London, and the beaches of Maui. It was incredible! And brought me up to Six continents! That seventh one is going to be a pain though (and cold!!!).


Bondi Beach

As soon as we checked into the hotel and looked over the conference facilities we headed straight to the beach to make use of a free day

Arriving at Bondi

Zak, Lenny, and Christi as we arrived at Bondi Beach

Lunch at Bondi

Lenny, Christi, Forrest, and Zak having lunch overlooking Bondi

Bondi Beach

The view of Bondi from the other side

On Bondi Beach

Lenny, Zak, Forrest, and Christi walking on Bondi after lunch

Afternoon Sun

Probably the best picture I took of the Opera House (and I took a few : )


A shot of Christi in the evening in front of the Opera House

Front of the Opera House

A view of the Opera house as we head out in the Ferry

The Opera House

The Opera house on a sunny day (lots of those)

Another Angle

Yet another angle on the Opera House

Moon Over Opera House

A shot of the opera house with the moon above it

Opera House

I love the clouds in this shot of the opera house in silhouette

Opera House at Night

The lighting on the opera house at night was outstanding

Opera House & Bridge

I got the Opera House with the Bridge behind it while we were out for a walk

View from the Zoo

View of the Opera House with a long lens from the Taranga Zoo


We take the 'pocket pals' on all our trips. This was Lambkin's big day


A great close up of a Peacock in the zoo


I got this great shot of a monkey eating an apple with my long lens


Meerkats huddling and watching for danger


Meerkats sitting on a rock in the Zoo


We ran into this Lizard wandering free around the zoo


The mother lion was a good reminder not to jump in and cuddle with the cubs

Lion Cubs

These guys were so cute


A great shot of a Koala grabbing a branch

Koala Eating

The Koalas were very hungry and content


We were able to go in the Koala enclosure and walk right up to them

Kangaroo Close-up

I couldn't get close, but a long lens helped


I wanted to pet a Kangaroo, but no joy


A mother Gorilla and her baby at the Taranga Zoo


Close up of a Giraffe at the Taranga Zoo

Giraffe Enclosure

The Giraffe enclosure has an outstanding view of the Opera House

Giraffe Enclosure

Christi in front of the Giraffe enclosure at the Taranga Zoo

Boats in the Harbor

I shot this from the Taranga Zoo with a long lens

Rescue Board

A rescue board on Manley Beach

Wind Surfer

A wind surfer on Manley Beach


Halfway down Manley beach I saw this cool pipe running out into the ocean


While standing on Manley Beach I caught this gul hovering overhead

Donkey Ride

I paused for a quick donkey ride near Manley Beach

Donkey Ride for Lenny

And of course I couldn't pass up a shot of Lenny on the Donkey!

Pocket Pals

The pocket pals hanging out on a bench

Bridge Climbers

You can take tours up the Bay Bridge. They say it's really cool, but you can't take your camera

Me : )

Me on the Ferry in front of the Bay Bridge

Lenny & Forrest

Lenny and Forrest on the Ferry in front of the Bay Bridge

Christi and Me

A shot of me and Christi on a ferry as we went by the Bay Bridge

Bridge Close Up

I stole this idea from a series of photos in the Sydney Cafe

Bay Bridge at Night

The lighting on the Bay Bridge was beautiful at night

Bay Bridge

Here is another shot of the Bay Bridge from the deck of a great italian restaurant in 'the Rocks'

Afternoon Buildings

The view across the harbor of buldings washed in the afternoon sun

View from hotel

Cathedral spires rising above the park as seen from our hotel room


This tower was right next to our hotel. We didn't go up in it. It looked scary enough from the ground.


On our way to dinner we saw a flock of brightly colored parrots right up in the trees


The trees were full of Sulfer Crested Cockatoos

City at Night

Looking back at the city from 'the Rocks'


Look close at the lamp on the left and how it shrinks the clouds

View from Sydney Cafe

The Sydney Cafe was an outstanding restaurant, with even better views

Restaurant View

View of the Opera House from a great italian place in 'the Rocks'

Restaurant View 2

The view of the Bridge from the other window in the italian restaurant


View of Seattle as we flew in