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Sunriver Oregon - 2008

As we do almost every summer we joined Christi's family for a week in SunRiver Oregon. It's a fun and relaxing week of hiking, biking, kayaking, and laying by the pool.

Note: Not Really Chipmunks : )  A Biologist from the east coast happened on my pictures of "chipmunks" from Sunriver, and gave me the heads-up that they're not really chipmunks, but are instead "Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels." Not nearly as cute a name, but according to Wikipedia they are distinguished by their lack of facial stripes. You learn something new every day! And I love it!


Sunset on the mountain

A shot from the Sunriver lodge of the sun setting

A pony!

Christi did a run out to the Sunriver stables and I joined her on my skateboard to take pictures

Prarie Dog!

A prarie dog by the stables

Making a run for it

Want to see what he's running from, take a look at my next shot

Hunting Hawk

He was one of a couple hawks hunting in the sky over the stables

Out for a run

Liz met us at the stables


I love Canadian thistles. Not when I bump into them, but they're fun to look at

Serene View

This is the view from the bike path. The little pond in the foreground is where toadlets were hatching this year (you'll see more of them later)


a cute picture of Christi and her "special nieces"


Bend is near Sunriver and is a beautiful town with great shops


I love this close-up


Chelsey leading the shopping charge


Liz, wandering around Bend


A self-portrait in a curvy mirror

Liz and Christi

Liz and Chelsey

Chelsey, Steve, and Liz

outside a great restaurant where we had dinner

Liz, Chelsey, and Brock

Hanging out in the village at Sunriver waiting for a table at the Mexican restaurant that never came available

Music in the Lodge

This great artist was in the lodge when we went there for dinner and cocktails

Does this seem like a good design?

These stupid stairs have resulted in several falls over the years when we've visited the Sunriver Lodge. This year Christi's mom fell and was hurt so badly that she could do very few of the usual vacation activities

Night on the Bridge

This year I tried some long exposure night shots from the bridge over the deschutes

Bright stars

The stars are incredibly bright in the high desert


I love taking shots of chipmunks


Possibly the cutest thing ever

Try looking the other way

He was such a helpful model!

At the top!

No visit to Sunriver would be complete without several hikes to the top of Lava Butte


A cool scooter sidecar in Bend

Another cool scooter

What a hip town!

Barber shop

This barber shop was classic

Two Dolla make you Holla!

This sign cracked me up!

Alpenglow Cafe

This cafe in Bend was great!

Dog Ride!

This car was hilarious! packed with junk, and two cool dogs

The perfect sign

I love this sign! Especially the picture of tweak from southpark

Neat pond

This pond is in the middle of Bend


There were tons of fawns down at Sunriver this year. I actually went out and bought a salt lick to attract deer to our back yard, but had no joy. I tasted it, and it was pretty yummy


So cute!

Baby bird

This baby bird was hopping around on our deck. He must have fallend from a nest. I tried to give him some cheese, but his mom did a better job and had him healthy and flying up to a nearby tree later that day.

Toadlet Migration

We were out for a run (Christi)/Ride (me) one morning after a rain and the toads were migrating across the path from the pond. We had to slowly walk through the migration area.

So cute

I stopped for about a half hour to take pictures of the toadlets leaving Christi to run on her own. Boy was she mad when she expected me to catch up, and found me just finishing with toad photos when she looped back


Toadlets hopping across the path

Tons of toadlets

The grass next to the path was crawling with baby toads

Liz with the baby toads

Toad on the nose

Up close

I went back and got my macro lens for some super close toadlet shots

Like herding toads

I used one hand to herd this little toadlet around for better shots, while I used the other hand to shoot pictures

The size of my wedding ring

Toad eye

A super close shot of a tiny toad


The reflection of an umbrella in Cindy's sunglasses


Hanging out at the Sunriver lodge

Me too

Bright night

This is one of my favorite night shots from the bridge

Liz and Chelsey

Tom and Brett

Hanging out outside the cafe


Future model

At the cafe

Cindy and Brock

Deciding what to have for breakfast

What will I have

Steve deciding on breakfast

Getting hungry

Waiting on breakfast

In front of the cafe

Two bucks and a doe

We ran into these guys when w were out riding our bikes

A comfy bench

This handy bench is by the bike path between the golf course and the air strip

On the bridge

We headed to the bridge over the deschutes for our yearly family picture

The group shot

Just the grandkids with George & Sibyl

This time without the strangling

Cindy & Tom & Brock & Brett


Steve with the catalog shot

Just the grandkids

Steve & Peg and the kids

Cool lighting

The light coming off the cloud when we were doing portraits was outstanding

Another cloud shot

Car Wash for Christ

Apparently Jesus likes clean cars

Brock on his first climb

Brock on his first climb of Lava Butte!

Crouching tiger, hidden Steve

Nice glasses!

Liz with Chelsey on Chelsey's first ever climb of Lava Butte

Group shot

Group shot commemorating Brock and Chelsey's first climb of Lava Butte

The goofy shot

Yum! Snacks!

A chipmunk hanging out with Brock

At the rail

Watching the chipmunks from the rail

Heading down

Heading down lava butte

Beautiful sunset

From the lodge

Beauty in the lodge

Hanging in the lodge again

Another night shot

My final night shots. This time I did a really low ISO so the exposures were so long that the stars actually moved

The tall version

So you can see more stars

In the pool

I handed my camera off to Brett and Brock for some water shots


Brock underwater

That's how I roll

Brock chillin


You can see Chelsey, then Christi, then me taking the picture in Liz's huge, huge glasses

Brock on the slide

I tried it on my knees too, but fell over backwards, much to the amusement of onlookers

Tom taking the plunge

The pool scene

as reflected in Liz's glasses

A wet, wet paddle

We only got out in the kayaks once, and that turned into a thunderstorm that was beautiful, but didn't result in a leasurely paddle

Brett in his boat

He had a great paddle down the river