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Snow Lake - July 19, 2005

Christi and I took the day off and joined her Friends Karen and Tricia for a hike up to Snow lake. It's a moderately tough hike but the payoff is an incredible alpine lake. It's about 7-miles round trip with an 1100-foot climb in and 700-foot climb out (you climb up to a ridge, then down to the lake). There weren't that many people on the trail, but we went on a Tuesday and I hear it is the second most popular trail in Washington. The trail head is up on Snoqualmie Pass by the Alpental ski slopes. A good guide can be found at


Looking Up

Looking up from the parking lot


We didn't bring the dogs on this hike, but I nearly died laughing at this sign. I love how the dog is simultaneously growling and pooping! They need a sign like this for children!

Heading Up

I was nervous about the hike up since Christi and Karen just ran a Marathon and Tricia runs with them. I don't run so much : )


I love how this waterfall picture came out. I wish I'd taken more of them.


Partway up the mountain we came upon this huge field of rocks. We crossed our fingers for no earthquakes.

Group Shot

My constant photographs may result in my not being invited on future outings : )


The views on the hike were outstanding. Of course I was hiking behind Christi : )


The wildflowers by the trail were few, but beautiful


Then the going got tough. The trail split around 3/4 of the way up and the trail got a bit steeper

Rock Face

As we made the turn to the steeper portion we saw this beautiful rock face

Looking Back

Looking back down the trail toward the valley we climbed up from

The Lake

Then we were there and the lake was more beautiful than I'd imagined


A depth-of-field shot with the lake blurred in the background


Christi took this shot of me by the lake


Christi went out on a log to peek around the corner at a black lab puppy playing in the water

From the Shore

A view of the lake from the shore

Group Shot

Karen, Christi, and Tricia as we got ready to head back out


A parting shot of the lake as we headed back out


A great shot of Christi on the way down

Rock Field

Back through the rock field


Bright red berries provided a spot of color on the way down