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Singapore - January 2002 and 2004

January 2002 - In January 2002 we went to Singapore after the Airlift we were managing in Cannes. It was my first time there and I found it fascinating. It's an incredibly clean city with some pretty strict rules. The stories were true, you can't buy gum, there are strict fines for littering, and a host of other minor infractions. On the other hand it's very safe and clean, so the trade-off in civil liberties is a tough call. I read an article talking about how the culture of compliance that pervades there is resulting in a severe lack of entrepreneurs coming out of Singapore, so that might be an issue.

January 2004 - We were there again two years later managing the Security Mobilization Airlift. I was struck again by how western the city is. Everyone speaks English, and you can't walk a block without seeing a familiar western franchise. It's like you're getting the Epcot Center version of Asia. That said it's a cool city with a far out Asian/British culture mix that plays out in architecture and cuisine.



2002 - Singapore is a huge trade center, and looking out at the harbor you're struck by the sheer number of cargo ships

Bridge to Santosa

2002 - Standing on the largest hill in Singapore this is the view towards Santosa Island. It's a recreational island that you travel to via cable car. If you look close at this image you can see the cables and the blured shapes of the lights on two cable cars

Cool Windows

2002 - Looking down from the room I could see these cool neon window frames that cycled on and off

The Long Bar

2002 - We had to make the obligatory trip to Raffles Long Bar, the birthplace of the Singapore Sling. I'm a total 'girl drink drunk' and even I found them a bit sweet

Local Fare

2002 - We went to a cool local restaurant where we were able to eat local fare and experience a bit of Singapore culture. The statue is the Merlion which is the symbol of Singapore which means Lion City (Singa means Lion, and Pura means city)


2002 - Here we are with the dancers that performed at dinner. Me and Nikko on the left, then Ed, and Christi and Lenny on the right

Night Safari

2002 - The night safari was a great experience, but not so good for taking pictures : )


2002 - This is a memorial to the civilian casualties of the Japanese occupation of Singapore


2002 - We had a one night layover in Japan so we went into a nearby city and wandered around. I carried out my ongoing mission to buy "stuff you can't get in the US". This mission is getting harder and harder as e-commerce becomes more ubiquitous.

Plastic Food

2002 - Since my first trip to Japan I've been fascinated by the food mock-ups they do to advertise at restaurants


2002 - C'mon, you can't argue that this isn't the coolest artform ever!


2004 - On the stopover in Japan on the way to Singapore I encountered these instructions on the toilet in my room. You have to be a fighter pilot to operate one of these things


2004 - There's a Starbucks nearly every block in Singapore, and considering the heat, it's a good thing

Me and Ronald

2004 - Hanging with my main clown


2004 - This was a cool little Alley where I found a bead shop

View of the City

2004 - The view of the city from the room

Work out Room

2004 - Due to the convenient time zone change it was easy to wake up and work out every morning. The commanding views of the city made it enjoyable as well


2004 - a hint of Asian architecture in a thoroughly modern city


2004 - Burger King, Orange Julius, and Dairy Queen all in one convenient spot

China Town

2004 - We were there at the height of the Chinese New Year celebrations so China Town was alive with action

Fruit Stand

2004 - Wandering around China Town I had great opportunities to take shots of fruit stands. A weakness of mine

More Fruit

2004 - I love this shot

One More

2004 - Okay, one more fruit stand

Food Court

2004 - Our local contact Ben took us to a food court near China Town for the real local experience. I'd like to think I'm not a prima donna, but I was not amused

Great Deal!

2004 - I'm all for getting a good deal, but I'm more than happy to spend more than 35-cents for pork, as a matter of fact, I'd prefer to pay more!


2004 - No thanks, no "Pig's Organ Soup" for me

More Soup?

2004 - The Pig's Tail Soup worried me, but the "Pig's Brain Herbal Soup" pushed me over the edge


2004 - No thanks on the Internal Organs with Braised Egg

Fish Head Curry?

2004 - The Fish Head Curry, while impressive in its symmetry was not appetizing either


2004 - I ran into this cute lizard while walking to Starbucks


2004 - Christi standing in front of one of the main shopping roads. Still smiling, but starting to the the look that I'm all too familiar with. It's the "dude, if you take one more picture of me I'm going to kill you" look

Cable Cars

2004 - On our last day we had a chance to sight see so we headed out to Santosa Island. Here we're just about to get on the cable car to head out to Santosa Island

Looking Back

2004 - Looking back at the launch ramp for the cable cars

The City

2004 - Looking towards the city from the Cable car

Santosa Island

2004 - The view of Santosa from the cable car

Stuff you can't do

2004 - We caught the subway over to a nice little district on a canal where we had lunch. You'll notice the Durian fruit. They say it is the most disgusting smelling food you'll ever encounter. I skipped it.

Graciousness Is:

2004 - I love these little posters urging people to be polite on the subway

Another one

2004 - Seemed like a good idea, but I didn't see it in practice that much


2004 - Here's a cool transport barge on the canal. Before you start thinking we found a place to fully immerse in the Asian culture I should warn you that there's a "Hooters" just off to the left