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There were so many cool pictures from our wedding in Maui that I'm breaking them up into multiple photo galleries. We headed over to Maui on February 11th right after Christi's conference (TechReady) ended, got married at the SeaWatch on February 17th and returned home the morning of the 28th and it was actually snowing!

Send me your photos! I know I wasn't the only one taking pictures over there and I'm sure lots of people got some great shots. So if you were over for the wedding and got pictures I'd love copies. Just drop them on a CD or DVD and fire them my direction. If you don't have our address it's on our map page at

Professional Wedding Photos - These are the photos that the professional photographer that we hired took at the wedding ceremony. He was excellent and gave me the high resolution originals so I can edit and reproduce on my own.

Wedding and Reception Photos - Our friend Ryan from work offered to help out and used my camera to get some great shots before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. Most of the photos in this gallery are his, and do a great job capturing how much fun we had.
Island Life - These are shots that didn't really fall into any other category, but were really cool Sea Life - Mostly underwater shots, but focused on the ocean critters
Night Life - Mostly sunsets and night photos The Luau - Shots we took at the Luau
Surfing Beaches - Shots from some of the cool surf beaches and other surf related photos