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Munich - March 2006

After spending my birthday and proposing to Christi in Paris, as well as a bunch of business meetings, I continued on to Copenhagen and then Munich for more work stuff. While I was there I wandered around Old Munich to do some exploring and shopping. I'd never been to Germany before and it was really neat.



Driving in from the airport I saw a sign pointing off the freeway that said "Ausfahrt". I giggled to myself thinking "that's an exit to a city that sounds like 'fart'". Only later when I walked by a parking garage and saw the Ausfahrt and Einfart "exit" and "enter" signs did I catch on


There were so many cool pastry stands, and they were all outstanding (I felt it my responsibily to test lots of them for the sake of science). This one was right in the subway station

Fruit Stand

As I climbed out of the subway and started walking through old Munich there were lots of cool fruit stands


Like Seattle had Pigs, and London had Cows, Munich had cool lions

I'm gonna bite you!

Check out this little dog's teeth. He's going nuts!

Big Cathedral

I could actually see the twin spires of this cathedral all the way across the city from my hotel room

Inside the Cathedral

The cathedral was beautiful inside. It had incredible floor to ceiling stained glass windows

A big neat thingy

You know, I should really keep track of what the things I see are, but this sculpture was neat

Altar Area

The inside of the church was more stark and less ornate than those you'd see in France, but beautiful


The catecombs below the cathedral were cool


There were far out wooden statues along one side of the church

High Tech

Check this out, you can almost miss it if you're not looking closely, but they've incorporated multimedia into the cathedral with a screen that lowers like a railroad crossing (left side of the door) and then a projector with a mirror mouted to fire over at the screen. Pretty cool

Stained Glass

The stained glass was really neat

Toy Store

I found this adorable little toy store on a side street and got some cool toys and books as gifts

Another Cool Lion

The Main Square

In the spire of this building is an old fashioned glockenspiel (sp?) with neat characters that go around in circles and act out some sort of story

The Glockenspiel

Here's a close up


A cool horse drawn carriage

Cheese Shop

There was this great area with lots of booths selling different kinds of food

Close Up

A closer shot


I was told in no uncertain terms by a conductor that I was not to take pictures in the subway. Ooops

Another Motion Shot

I love taking motion shots of train cars

One More

One more motion shot

Old Munich

Walking down the pedestrian street in old Munich

Underwater Lion

I loved this underwater lion


Of course I had to have dinner at this place

Self Portrait

A self-portrait of me heading up to yet another pastry shop


Really cool spires in the square

Night Shot

The sky was beautiful in these night shots


I like the lights on the side of this building


I got these bunnies and put them in Christi's Easter basket

Square at Night

The square lit up at night

Neat Building

Yet another building that I don't know anything about

Further Back

There were so many cool old buidings


We had to go to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. It was fun and I even had a beer. Apparently they were out of Apple-tinis

Band at the Hofbrauhaus

This cool old German band was playing at the restaurant

Bus in Motion

A shot of a bus in motion at night

Another Night Buiding Shot

The blue of the sky is really rich

That Same Building

The same building from earlier at night


Neat arches in this building

Cars at Night

This is a time lapse shot of the streets in front of my hotel

View From My Room

Looking out across Munich you can see the spires of the Cathedral I went to earlier

Microsoft Site

At the Microsoft site they had a neat little model of the site. I love little models!