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7-Breakfasts on Maui - January 2006 (pictures at the bottom of the page)

In January we spent eight outstanding days on Maui. This was the most romantic, and perfect trip we've ever taken. It could not have possibly been more perfect.

I know everyone must be concerned about what we had for breakfast so I thought I'd carefully document it here, as well as a few other tidbits, and some of the 5000+ pictures I took. Our friend's wife Lisa recommended a bunch of great places to eat while we were over there and we had a great time, so I thought we'd share the wealth and provide some recommendations below.

Day 1: No breakfast today, we landed in the afternoon, headed over to Wailea, checked in at the hotel, walked on the beach and had a great dinner at Sorento's just down the road from the hotel. I highly recommend Sorrento's, it's moderately expensive, but the service is stunning, the people are great, the food is outstanding, and it's right on the beach.

Day 2: After a great walk on the beach we went to Longhi's for breakfast. We went to Longhi's quite a few times last time we were there but this time it was brutal. A huge development had been built in front of the restaurant so there was no view and the service and food was so very, very bad that the entertainment value was actually worth it. That night we went to SeaWatch and it was excellent! It's located on the hill above Wailea and looks across a beautiful golf course at the ocean. It's moderately expensive, but the food is outstanding and the service is good.

Day 3: Our old favorite "Charley's" was a must for our second breakfast. It's this great place on the other side of the island in Paia and is apparently the place where Willy Nelson hangs out when he's in town. No Willy this time, but their coconut syrup goes great on the pancakes and Paia is a great little hippie town and fun to hang out in. Paia is also the home of Lotus Moon where I buy pendants for the necklaces I make so we went over there for some serious shopping. 68 Pendants later we headed down the road to take photos at a great wind-surfing and surfing beach (Hookipa Beach) a few miles down the coast. After that it was off to Lahaina for some wandering around and drinks at Kimos.

Day 4: SeaWatch was so great we tried them for breakfast and were not disappointed. The view was beautiful in the morning and they had a cat named "Tiger" who wasn't the cuddly type, but was willing to put up with you long enough to eat bacon out of your hand. Then it was off to McKenna beach or "Big Beach" for some laying in the sun for Christi and Snorkeling for me. Makena is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maui, totally un-developed, huge, and separated by a small climb from a very laid back clothing optional beach called "little Makena" or "Little Beach". After enough lounging in the sun we headed out past Lahaina and Kaanapali to Kalaepiha Point where you can stand on the cliffs and get some great shots of surfers on some decent sized waves. After that it was back to Lahaina for dinner at Kimo's (yummy, great view, laid back).

Day 5: We headed into Kihei to try out Lisa's recommendation of the Kihei Cafe for breakfast. It's a great "hole in the wall" with excellent pastries. That night we went to Capische, a restaurant up on the hill above Wailea that we'd been to before. It is very romantic, and has excellent food, but is stunningly expensive and I wouldn't rate it any higher than SeaWatch and Sorrento's. I did, however get some outstanding shots of the sunset from our table. Then we lucked out! When we got back to the hotel they were doing their Luau and we walked by just as they were starting their fire dance and I got some decent pictures.

Day 6: Huge mistake on breakfast this morning. We walked down the path from our hotel to the Four Seasons and had breakfast there. No view, way, way, way snooty, and $27 each for the buffet. I like good food and good service, but this was just stupid when you can go to SeaWatch for excellent food, great service, a visit with Tiger, and a wonderful view. I snorkeled some more while Christi laid on the beach and then we headed back to Kalaepiha point so I could shoot more surfing shots. That night it was Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina which reminded us why we'd been eating at nicer restaurants : )

Day 7: We liked SeaWatch so much we went back there for breakfast again (and Tiger got some crabcake benedict), then we headed to Little Beach for some sun, and yes I did do a little naked snorkeling (remember, always keep the fish food far forward!). I did wait to put on my flippers and mask until I was already in the water for fear that Christi would mock me mercilessly (I know I would have). That night it was another excellent dinner at SeaWatch.

Day 8: Our last day. It was sad to say goodbye to Maui, but our flight didn't go out until 10:30 PM so we had all day to enjoy it. We went into Kihei and got some pastries to go from Kihei Cafe, a latte from Starbucks, and then it was back to the beach in front of the hotel where we sat on lounge chairs and watched a pod of whales about a hundred yards off the shore. One was a baby and we saw his little hump and little tail pop out of the water. There were lots of whales this trip and you could see them surfacing or blowing waterspouts pretty much any time if you were willing to scan the ocean for 15-20 minutes. After breakfast it was off to Little Beach for some more sun and snorkeling and then we headed back for a late check out. We spent the afternoon in Paia, then photographing surfers, and then a big dinner at Mama's Fish House. Mama's is the quintessential Hawaiian experience, great food, good service, and a wonderful view, but it's a bit touristy, ultra expensive, and once you've done it, you really don't need to do it again.

Some other restaurant recommendations. We weren't able to get to all the great restaurants that Lisa recommended but I want to document them here for next time. Haile Maile General Store in upcountry Maui, Joe's Bar and Grill, Stella Blue's, Sensei (we did go there last time we were in Maui and they had good sushi), The Wine Tastings, Cafe O'lei.

Thinking about going to Maui? I put together a page with some information and maps that might help 


Dinner at Sorrento's

We had a great time at Sorrento's. It's a must visit while you're in Maui.

The Beach in Wailea

The is the beach in front of the Marriott, the Grand Wailea, and the Four Seasons.

Self Portrait

A shot I took of myself while snorkeling.

From the Water

A shot of the Four Season's and the Wailea beach from the water while I was out snorkeling.

Coral Reef

I spent a ton of time snorkeling now that I've figured out how to keep condensation from building up inside the underwater housing. If you look very close there's a small brown fish in the coral at the lower left.

The Surface

I love how the surface looks from underwater

Rainbow Fish

That's probably not his real name, but that's what he looks like. I had a heck of a time catching pictures of these guys. they never stopped racing around.

Lots of Fish

I had to run "AutoLevels" in Digital Image Suite to clear the water up in all the underwater shots but they came out great.

Funny Fish

The fish in the lower left had a really long name, but I don't remember what it was. Well, I didn't till I just looked it up and came up with Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

Really Big Fish

These guys showed up every once in awhile and were really cool.

Another Shot

This shot of him is even better

Stick Fish

Yeah, another name I made up, but these guys were neat. There were tons of them right under the surface near the shore. The let me swim right through them.

Big Blue Fish

I saw these guys a couple times and the shimmered a beautiful blue in the sunlight. It was hard to capture, but I got an okay shot here.

School of Fish

I thought the fish hanging around at the base of the reef were neat in this shot.

Pointy Head Fish

Yeah, another made up name, but seems apt.

Another Shot

Of the pointy head fish


Christi snapped this shot of me when I dove down under the water. I got much better at diving with my snorkel this trip.

Puffer Fish

Okay, that is his real name. I saw quite a few puffer fish and they follow you around like puppies. Combine that with the big puppy eyes and I really liked these guys.


I loved swimming with the turtles. These guys are beautiful underwater and don't seem to have a problem hanging out with you.

More Turtles

I saw turtles snorkeling in front of our hotel and over near "Turtle Town". I didn't make it all the way to Tutle Town because rough and deep water made me chicken out. I freak out when the water gets too deep.

Rainbow Fish Again

With the trouble I had getting shots of these guys I had to include a few of them.

One More

This is possibly my favorite turtle shot. When I was snorkeling I could hear the whales singing.

Christi on the Run

Christi would run on the trail in the morning while I either snorkeled or walked the trail and took pictures.

Nifty Bird

This guy was great. There were lots more when we were there last time, but there was lots of construction and lizzards running around that time.

Honey Bee

I had a great time following the bees around with a big telephoto lens one morning.

The Tree

I love this tree, it sits out on the point near the Wailea beach and I remember it from the first time I was there nearly 15-years ago.

Cute Bird

I followed this guy around for awhile.

Another Bird

This guy looked like a quail relative, and their babies hung out with me and shared my onion rings by the pool one day.

The Trail

This nifty trail is what keeps bringing us back to Wailea. It's a great morning walk or run.

Breakfast at Charley's

Christi enjoying the coconut syrup on her pancakes at Charley's


Charley's in Paia from the outside.

Lotus Moon

The shop where I buy my pendants in Paia.

Wind Surfer

Hookipa beach had some great windsurfing.

Great Jump

The windsurfers got some great air out there.

Another Jump

This one was cool too.

Huge Wave

I love how the huge wave wraps around this guy.


My Beauty with a cool wave crashing behind her.

Barbed Wire Fence

This great old fence ran down toward the beach and made for a great shot.


Kimo's is in Lahaina and has a great deck right on the water.


Tiger hung out with us and shared our breakfasts at the SeaWatch above Lahaina.


I thought the SeaWatch sign was nifty.

Dr. Leisure

This truck was parked at Makena Beach every time we went.

The Path to Makena

This is the path from the parking lot to Makena Beach.


This is the lava flow that seperates Big Beach and Little Beach in Makena.

Nifty Pool

A cool shot of the water receding from the rocks on Makena

Serious Boogie Boarding

Out at Kalaepiha Point there were some great waves and a few boogie boarders were out there with the surfers.

Big Beach

Here's a patch together panorama of Big Beach taken from the lava flow that seperates it from Little Beach.


Check out the guy diving through the wave as the surfer comes through.

Long Board

This guy was cruising in front of the tube on a cool long board.

Nice Turn

I love the water spray on this shot

Just in Front of the Tube

This guy is just flying through this wave.

The Sign

This is the sign on the cliffs where we were shooting the surfers.

The Sign

I love the backside of the sign with all the surfing stickers. You often see the friends and girlfriends of surfers hanging out on the cliffs and watching.


This guy had a really cool board and caught a lot of waves.

Near Collision

These guys came close, but didn't crash.

The Jump

The guys would hike down the cliffs and walk out to this point where they'd jump into the surf.

In He Goes

Here he is making the plunge.

Big Wave

I love the color of the wave behind this guy.

Running in Front of the Tube

I saw lots of guys sucked into the tube, but this one was just ahead of it.

Cool Hair!

This guy had some pretty rad hair going on.

Nice Wave

I really like the wave formation behind this surfer.


There were some spectacular wipeouts too.

Super Wipeout!

I did a rapid fire shot of this guy wiping out and then stitched them together to make this shot.

Surfer Chick

She caught a few waves but wasn't as good as most of the rest.

Baseball Cap

You don't see a lot of surfers wearing baseball caps.


Christi took this shot of me on the cliff where I was taking surfer pictures.


Christi on the cliff where we were taking pictures with Mokuleia bay behind her.


We got someone else who was there taking pictures to take a shot of us together (we rarely get these)

Watching the Surfers

Two cool looking guys who came down the cliffs to where we were taking pictures.

Waiting for a Wave

It looks awful peaceful and relaxing out there.

Double Ride

Two surfers catch the same wave. I especially like the slice across the wave made by the guy on the left.

Sweet Turn

A great sharp turn with a huge spray out the back.

Exiting the Tube

Great shot of a guy peeking out of the tube.

The Cliffs

The surfers would hike down the side of the point in the distance to the beach below.

Cliff Shack

If you look closely in the previous picture you might be able to see this shack built into the side of the cliff.


Torches on the deck at Kimo's in Lahaina.

The View

The view from our room, right down to the beach where I did most of my snorkeling.

Fishing Bird

This guy sat by one of the ponds on the hotel grounds and ate the tiny fish in the shallows.

Kihei Cafe

Right on the main road through Kihei, they had good breakfasts and great pastries.

Neat Sculpture

I see this sculpture in the window of a store in the "Shops at Wailea" every time I go and I just fall in love with it. Especially the little elephant at the end.


The sunsets weren't as spectacular this time of year, but we got a few good ones. This is taken from our table at Capiche.

Another Sunset

I like this wider shot of the sunset.

Dipping into the Sea

Again from Capiche here's a shot of the sun disappearing.

I'm a Pretty, Pretty, Boy

Me doing a sexy pose for the camera at dinner (not exactly Blue Steele)

Fire Dance

I got some decent shots of the Fire Dance at the hotel luau (despite not going to the luau)


He's pretty still in this shot, and you can even see the band behind him.

Check Mark

It kind of looks like a check mark in this shot.

The Knee Hold

This looked cool, but I'm pretty sure he was just resting.

Another Cool Rest

This looked like another resting point, but made for a good shot.

The Assistant

The assistant joined the fire dancer on stage to ramp him up to two torches.

Double Torch

Here he is with two torches.

Returning from a Snorkel

Christi took this of me coming up from one of my many snorkeling trips.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

A little disappointing after all our wonderful dinners, but we knew what we were in for.

Golfing in Paradise

I thought my friends Dan (the golf pro) and Chris (the golf course GM) would appreciate this idyllic shot of the golf course below SeaWatch with the ocean in the distance.

Ahihi Kinau Reserve

If you go past Wailea and then Makena you cross a huge lava field to this desolate and beautiful Reserve. The water is lovely, and Christi is, as always, stunning.

Reserve Sign

A sign describing the Reserve

On Our Balcony

I set up the tripod for this shot on our balcony.


We saw lots of whales, but they were very close on our last morning as we sat on lounge chairs and ate our pastries.

Paddle Board

This guy did a huge run all the way down the coast every morning. There was a rumour that it was Laird Hamilton (the famous surfer) but after looking at some close-ups we didn't think so.

Water Spout

In this shot of the whales you can see the baby whale's tail poking out of the water.

Our View

A wider shot from our balcony.

A Parting Shot

I set up the tripod on the hotel steps to get a last shot of us before we checked out.


This cool Woodie is parked out front of Mama's Fish House.

Christi on the Beach

The beach in front of Mama's Fish House.


I make my share of spelling errors, but I would have expected Steven Tyler to be able to spell "Family" correctly on his autograph.

Cool Panels

These were on the ceiling of Mama's Fish House.

On the Boat

This boat was in front of Mama's Fish House near the beach.

Mama's Fish House

A parting shot of Mama's Fish House as we were heading out.