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Maui - November 2002 & October 2003

I spent a summer in Hawaii when I was a kid, and then went to Maui after college, but I've had a couple chances to go back to Maui recently and have really enjoyed it. It's an outstanding vacation spot. A little more grown up than Honolulu, but with lots of places to go and lots of things to do. I definitely recommend staying in Wailea. It has a wonderful path for morning walks and some great beaches.

While you're in Maui go to Paia and have breakfast at Charley's, and make sure to try their coconut syrup on your pancakes. Eat dinner once at Mama's Fish House, it's a bit touristy, but you have to try it. Eat dinner multiple times at Sarento's because they've got great Italian food and outstanding ambiance without breaking the bank and are right on the water. Have one wonderful romantic dinner at Capische and make sure you're there in time to see the sunset.

Thinking about going to Maui? I put together a page with some information and maps that might help 


Riding Bikes

We rented road bikes while we were over there and had some wonderful rides.

Work Break

The last time we were there we had to spend quite a bit of time preparing for some Security Mobilization Airlifts. This picture was taken after Christi got off a long call as we stood next to the road.

Heading Out

After the concall we took one last shot before we headed out.

On the Beach

A little trickier of a pose with this rented bike than with my carbon fibre one, but still fun.

On the Road

I carried Christi's small camera so I could take shots while we were riding

McKenna Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Maui. So big it's never crowded, beautiful water, and great sand. This picture is looking at "Big McKenna" and behind me is "Little McKenna" which is the clothes optional area.

The Reverse View

This is a shot from McKenna beach looking at the lava formation seperating Big and Little McKenna. I'm standing on it shooting pictures of Big McKenna. I was very careful to respect the privacy of those hanging out on the Little beach.

Hanging on McKenna

We spent much of our time hanging out on the beach, snorkeling and slacking.

Air Lenny

Our friend Lenny enjoying an evening Frisbee game.


The trees around McKenna are beautiful.


Here's another one of the trees.


In the mornings we'd walk along the beach path in Wailea.

A Note in the Sand

The sentiment will last infinitely longer than the message.

Beach in Wailea

This was the beach in front of our hotel in Wailea. It's beautiful and fairly private as it's only fronted by three hotels.

Another Beach

Here's another beach along the walk in Wailea.


There were some stunning flowers along the walk.

And Another

Here's another one.

Hotel Grounds

This is the view from the grounds of our hotel.


Christi standing in front of our hotel.


These birds were all over and always quite busy. I thought they were adorable until I realized that they were eating the cute little lizzards along the path.

The Tree

This tree stands out on a point along the beach path. I remember it from my first visit to Maui and it makes me happy every time I see it.


We had many breakfasts in this great restaurant overlooking the ocean.


I picked up an underwater case for Christi's camera and took it snorkeling.


I spent many of my snorkeling trips searching for, and then following around the giant sea turtles. They are really cool.


Here's one of my favorite Turtle shots


By including this third "Turtle" photo I simultaneously close out the turtle shots on a turtle swimming away, and make reference to the "am I not turtley enough for the turtle club. Turtle, turtle, turtle." movie quote.


There were some incredible sunsets.

In Front of our Room

This was the sunset from right in front of our room.

Rich Reds

The sky just looks like it's on fire in this shot.

The Beach

I love watching the surfers. They look so free and happy.


This guy definitely looks happy!

Bailing Out

This guy looks happy and he's in the middle of wiping out.


The reflection on the water really makes this shot.


Not a huge wave, but great board position. Well, for the shot, it's probably not great for the surfer.

Flame Dance

We went to a Luau while we were there. It was kind of tacky, but the flame dancer was incredible.

On Fire

Here's a great shot of him with minimal motion.

Figure Eight

And here's some major motion.