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I live in Sammamish Washington with my wonderful wife Christi our wonderful dogs Daisy and Makena, and my super bad umbrella cockatoo Latte. I love this video of Daisy and Makena going crazy in our local park, on one of our morning walks. I work for Microsoft, where I manage Learning and Development for our Corporate and Legal Affairs organization.

Until I was 10 we lived in California, living in communes and school buses. I didn't appreciate it at the time but it was a great experience and helped me appreciate diversity as I grew older. To the right is a picture of me as a child with my Mom and Dad in Haight Ashbury. It's from the book "Hippy Hi" by Richard Crone.

Awhile back, my mom found this footage in an old PBS Documentary called 20-Years Ago Today that actually has my Mom and Dad walking down the street in Haight Ashbury carrying me. I duplicated the clip with us in it and looped it a few times after the initial larger clip. You can right click on the link (Clip from the PBS Documentary)  and save it to your machine. It's a little less than 8mb. The lesson from this clip is that I will never be as cool as my parents were.

My interests include:
  • Photography: I was never that in to film photography, but when digital got to the point where the quality was decent (1 megapixel), I started into digital photography. I've been doing it for years now, graduating to ever better cameras and increasing my skill by trial and error. For information on my photogear check out my gear page.
  • Computers: I've loved computers since my dad got me interested in them in college. I'd played with them in high school, but didn't see much application for them. Dad introduced me to a PC with a 20MB hard drive as a sophomore in college and within a month I had my own. I am constantly on my computer, often editing photos, learning new software, or (the majority of the time) working.
  • Making Jewelry: When I was growing up in California my dad, who is an incredible artist, made jewelry, pottery, and painted. Health problems made him quit making jewelry but several years ago I found myself in a small store on San Juan Island that had trays and trays of Beads. Seeing them reminded me of simpler times and I found myself buying them and making bracelets and necklaces for friends and family. I've made hundreds of pieces and my designs have gone from funky to beautiful. I used to sell them in local stores, or from a website, but now I just do them for friends and family.
  • Traveling, Exercising & Exploring: Christi and I love traveling and exploring, and Christi loves exercising , and I put up with it because I love spending time with her, and I like being healthy : ) My favorite way to exercise is street paddling my longboard (cool video we shot here) and taking morning runs through interesting locations when we travel. We were even captured in the intro to the Hawaii House Hunter show on one of our morning runs in Maui (here's a quick clip of it I captured)