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Lopez Island Trip - 2006

We went up to Lopez to hang out with my parents, my brother Gabe, my sister Annie and her fiancée Paul, and his parents. It was beautiful, and Christi and I were finally able to kayak out to Iceberg point, which we'd been wanting to do since last year. It did not disappoint, with great shots of seals and herons.


Dad and Rosa

Dad and Rosa at his booth at the Farmer's Market on Lopez. The vase in the center with the bamboo pattern, and the platter in the front with the black bamboo pattern were my birthday presents from Christi and Annie

The One That Got Away

I'd planned to buy this cool platter at the end of the day, but someone else bought it before I could. Luckily Christi didn't wait, and bought the cute little blue sheep cannister in front of it earlier in the day


The vegetable cart at the farmer's market looked cool


There were some skaters goofing around while waiting for the ferry

Skater 2

Another cool skater

Heron on the Pilings

There are cool pilings down by the ferry dock, and there's almost always herons on the pilings


We saw the coolest sunsets over Fisherman's bay on this trip


I love the little boat in the distance in this shot


I like the plants in the foreground of this shot


Probably one of my best shots ever, I love how this shot is kind of split in thirds


The trees fram the sunset beautifully in this shot

Tall Frame

The same shot, but I shot it in portrait vs. landscape


This sailboat looked so serene as the sun set


The blackberry bush frames the sunset

Orange Clouds

The clouds in this shot were so orange, and reflected off the water beautifully


The car looked like something out of an advertisement, with the kayaks on top, and the sunset reflecting off the windows

Boat Close Up

I switched to my longer lens for this close up of the boat near the spit

Fiery Sky

The sky looked like it was on fire over San Juan Island in the distance

Even More Fire

I shot this with a little faster shutter speed and it really cranked up the contrast

Honey Bee

The tree outside our cottage had these beautiful flowers and lots of honey bees looking for pollen

White Goose

We saw this cool white goose flying with his normal colored friends. Which reminds me. You know when you see geese flying in a V and one side is longer than the other? Do you know why that is? More geese.

Sleeping Giant

We sifted up next to this guy in our kayak while he was sleeping. We had to bite our lips to keep from laughing at his snoring


It took a few minutes, but he noticed us and checked us out

Heron in Flight

We paddled out to Iceberg point and saw some cool herons and seals (or sea lions, I'm not sure)

Welcoming Committee

Three seals came out to greet us as we kayaked towards the rock where a bunch of them were sunning themselves


They kept peeking at us from the water as we paddled by

Big Smile

This guy looks like he's smiling

Got any Herring?

They reminded me of Duke and Rocco, laying around, and glancing over at you to see if you've got any snacks or anything, but not getting up

Cute Little Guy

This guy was adorable


His whiskers are really visible in this shot

Resting on the Seaweed

The herons were out standing on the seawood below iceberg point

Taking Off

This poor heron kept taking off every time we got close, but he kept landing right in the path of our paddle back to the beach

Standing Heron

Another heron standing on the seaweed

Dark Sunset

The brightness of the sunset really blew out this shot, but it looks cool

The Bay House

Paul's (my sister Annie's fiancee) parents stayed in the Bay House on Fisherman's bay. We've stayed there before and it's a great place

Sunset Through Blackberries

Another shot of the sunset through the blackberries

The Boat Again

I love taking shots of the little boat anchored in the distance


A kayak cruising past a cool fishing boat

Fishing Boat

The fishing boat alone in the sunset

Fade to Black

The blue fading to black is so cool in this shot

Wider View

A wider view of the sunset

Waiting for the Ferry

My sister Annie, and my brother Gabe standing on the cliff near the ferry dock. Gabe is still eating crab that they caught off of spencer spit

Christi Waiting

Christi with the ferry dock in the background. We almost didn't make the ferry. We were one of the last few cars to make it on

Posing on the Rocks

Christi and me getting one last picture before we caught the ferry

Ferry on it's Way

The ferry coming in with Mt. Baker in the background

On the Ferry

A shot of us on the ferry