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London - November 2004

Our friend Sharon got married in the UK last year and we went over for the wedding. We spent several days in London, saw a show and some sights and then headed out to Woburn for the wedding. We spent a few days there and then headed back to London for a few more days of sight seeing.


Boat on the Thames

Our first night there we walked over to the theater district. This is looking back across the Thames at the Eye and our hotel

Looking up the Thames

Looking the other direction up the Thames

Trafalgar Square

As we walked past Trafalgar square (I think it's Trafalgar) I fired off a couple shots with the image stabilizer on. I lucked out on this one.

Down the Thames

Standing on the millennium bridge looking down toward the London Eye and Big Ben

The London Eye

Looking up at the spokes of the London Eye

The Tube

A cool shot of the Tube

Half Price Tickets

The ticket stand where we bought our show tickets. We saw Chicago and Les Miserables.


Police on the street in London


Walking around London we ran into this cool memorial to the Royal Regiment of Artillery

Green Park

A shot of me standing in Green Park as we headed toward Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Guards at the door of Buckingham Palace

Palace Crest

The crest on the gate of Buckingham Palace


A statue in front of Buckingham Palace, and if you look close you can see the London Eye in the background


As we stood in front of the palace we saw a cool procession of horses riding down the road

Us at the Palace

Christi and I in front of the palace. Right after we took this shot I did one more and a pigeon landed right in front of the camera


A picture of Christi with the Mall running off into the distance behind her

Leighton Buzzard

We took the train from London to Leighton Buzzard (hilarious name) where I got my suit and we headed to Woburn

At the Train Station

Sharon's dad, Paul her fiance, Paul's dad, Paul's best man, and Christi at the train station


Not the church where they got married, but once we checked in I took a walk and saw this cool church


The same church from the other side


I walked through the woods to the Woburn game preserve. I ran into this beautiful pond in the woods with two white swans and a black one


The swans swam over to see me. I think they thought I might have some snacks.

Black Swan

I'm not sure if he was coming over to see if I had snacks or to keep me away from the other swans


In the game preserve there were huge herds of deer, all different kinds

The Inn at Woburn

This is the inn where we stayed

The Church

Okay, this is the real church. I took this when we went there for the rehearsal

Sculpture Garden

The reception was in a huge hall in the estate of the Duke of Bedford. I wandered outside and took this shot of the outside of the hall an the night sky

Me and Christi

Here we are all dressed up for the wedding

Sharon & Christi

Christi and the bride


A statue in Hyde Park

Other Side

The other side of that same statue in Hyde park


I kept trying to get good time lapse shots of the tube, but was doing them hand held. This one came out pretty good.

Big Ben

A long exposure shot across the Thames of Big Ben from our hotel room. I think it was 30-seconds.

London Eye

A 30-second exposure of the London Eye and our Hotel


Christi looking adorable in her hat and scarf


Another time exposure shot of the Tube


Standing on the Westminster Bridge looking up the Thames

Hotel Room View

The view out the window of our hotel room


A shot of the guards at the Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Christi in front of the Tower Bridge


Harrods is one confusing department store. I've been there several times and still get lost every time


I love the way the clouds look in this shot of our hotel and the London Eye across the Thames

London Eye

More cool clouds in this side view of the London Eye


A cool statue of a lion on the end of Westminster Bridge in front of our hotel

Looking Up

The view from our room looking up at the London Eye

Hollywood on the Thames

On our last morning there we walked down the Thames across Lambeth bridge and up past the houses of Parliament

Pocket Pals

Of course we had to get a shot of the pocket pals in front of the Victoria Tower Gardens

Big Ben

A cool shot of Big Ben with the London Eye in the background

London Eye

A statue by Westminster Bridge with the London Eye in the background

Big Ben

A cool shot of Big Ben with a plane flying overhead