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Lisbon - Portugal

In October 2007 I went to Lisbon for a Readiness summit and Christi came along to enjoy the sights. Lisbon is beautiful and we had great opportunities to get out and wander around. Here's a few of my favorite photos.


Hotel View

This is the view out the window of our hotel room. There was a cool park right in front of the hotel

Hotel View Right

Here's the right side of the park. You can see the big roundabout with a monument in the middle

The Other Side

Here's the view out of the other side of the room with the huge statue of Jesus off in the distance

Closer View

Here's a closer view of the statue in the distance

Great American Disaster

So true

Tiles Everywhere

Portugal is famous for their tile so it was everywhere. This is the sidewalk leading down from the park into the city center

Dr Von Snedelbaum

Or Antonio Feliciano De Castilho. Poet, translator, and central figure in the Portugese Romantic movement

Another Cool Statue

on the pedestrian walkway down to the center of the city

Camoflauge Tree

The bark on this tree looked just like camoflauge

The Writing on the Wall

These windows were cool


A nifty funicular on one of the side streets

Castle on the Hill

This castle sat on a hill directly above downtown


A yummy pastry shop

A Cool Fountain

A neat fountain in the downtown area

Street Performer

There were a lot less street performers than Barcelona

Navigation Theme

Lots of navigation themed decorations in Lisbon

Neat Sign

I thought this sign was pretty

Harry Potter?

These guys were out in front of book store promoting something

Cable Car

I love the cable cars in Lisbon

Coming up the Hill

Here's an adorable cable car coming up one of the steep hills


Here's the cable cars as they got closer

Cool Arch

Lisbon is on a river and this arch leads into the city center from a square by the riverfront

Statue in the Square

This statue was in the middle of the square

Cheese and Wine Shop

This cute little shop was set just below street level

Heading Down to the Roman Galleries

We walked by a side street and noticed people going down into a hole. It turns out that the Roman Galleries are only pumped out for three days of viewing each year.

The Line!

This is what the line looked like to get down into the Galleries. We talked to someone in line who had been waiting three hours and expected to wait another three. That had better be one neat hole!

The Line From Behind

Here's what the line looked like from the back

The Elevator

This Elevator takes people to the upper portion of the city


Not surprisingly Port is quite popular in Portugal

The Arch from Behind

Here's the Arch from behind, and you can see the statue in the square


This fountain was really neat

Three Amigos

I'm not sure what these guys were up to. We were eating lunch and I saw them hanging out and wandering around in the rain for quite awhile

Night Shot

This is a time lapse of the roundabout from our hotel room


This was a cool restaurant we had dinner in the first night we were there

Walking Home

I got this shot as we walked home from dinner


I shot this as we were walking and I liked the effect

Hanging Out

Getting ready to go on a tour of the city

More Waiting

Jennifer & Louise

A cute shot of Jennifer and Louise

Neat Little Castle

This little castle used to be out in the River, but land reclamation has made it part of the city

Old Airplane

This old airplane was next to the castle


Inside the castle there was these funny little circles. I tried to figure out what they were, and it turns out they were little cushons for kids to color while they were there


Louise visiting the guard tower


Navin and Dustin waving from the balcony

Queen Andi

Andi looking out the castle window

An Audience with the King

Navin, Dustin, and Scott, ruling the castle

Monument to Exploration

This was a cool monument to exploration next to the castle


Don't drive your car into the water


At the bottom of the monument there was a cool map of the world

Checking out the Map

Everyone checking out the tile map

The Explorers

A line of explorers on the side of the monument


A closer view of the explorers

The Other Side

The other side of the monument

Heading Out

Wrapping up and heading to the bus

A Description

A description of the monument

Scott & Clay

Scott and Clay heading out from the monument

Me and Christi

Here we are in the cafe that was famous for making the little custard pies. They were incredibly yummy!


We wandered around this cool cathedral


Our guide gives us details on the sights

Saint Tiger Owner Guy

I forgot which saint this is, but he has a neat tiger!

Louise Behind the Fountain

Louise behind the water falling from the fountain


Christi with the fountain behind her


Jennifer taking a break from the sight seeing


Navin looking sharp in front of the fountain

The Not Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge was made by the same company that made the golden gate bridge. It looked very similar

Dead Fish

Lunch, with even more dead fish

Stained Glass

It was kind of far out how you could see this stained glass skylight through a window

The Aqueduct

This aqueduct was so well built that it survived the earthquake that destroyed almost the whole city. They hired the same designer to come in and re-do the city after the quake

Clay and Scott

Clay and Scott at the top of the park

Top of the Park

This is the view from the top of the park that was below our hotel


Christi with our tour guide


Sara, Jessie, and Urszula walking into Sentra


Sentra was this cool city in the hills where the royalty spent summers to stay cool


A neat view of Sentra from the palace

Inside the Palace

The inside of the palace was beautiful

The Chimney

The cool milk bottle shaped chimneys


A neat little garden outside one of the palace windows

Incredible Room

The tiles in this room were incredible!


The chapel in the palace was beautiful. This is a shot from the balcony

Christi in the Chapel

The Kitchen

The kitchen was essentially the base of the big milk bottle chimneys


Christi and Lambkin in the palace courtyard

Bell Tower

A cool bell tower across the courtyard from the palace at Sentra


We wandered around the steep streets an alleys in Sentra, and found some cute little shops

Westernmost Point

We visited the Westernmost point in Europe which was just down from Sentra on the coast

The Lighthouse

This was the lighthouse at the Westernmost point

Me on the cliffs

The cliffs were beautiful


Wow, and I thought the cliffs were beautiful!

The Gang

The gang hanging out in front of the monument marking the westernmost point. Apparently people thought it was elsewhere for a long time, but modern measurement tools placed it here


Andi and Scott with their certificates proving that they had been at the westernmost point

Clay with his certificate


We weren't prepared for the surf catching us during the picture


Urszula at the beach

On the run

Louise making a run for it, while Scott stays steady

The push

Clay pushes Scott in the path of the surf. I didn't catch the other time when Clay kicked water on Scott. Clay's kind of mean

The Escape

Clay making a getaway after the push. The surf was massive at this beach

Making a run for it

Jessie, Sara, and Urszula making a run for it from the waves

Boats in the harbor

The harbor in Cascais was adorable

Fake Baby Head

Scott and Clay posing in front of an unusual boat decoration. This shot is right before they realized how much the doll head stank

Looking back

Looking back at Cascais from the dock


This couple were classic Euro-hotties

Lazy Dog

There were lots of lazy dogs lounging around Cascais


We wandered aound Cascais and did some shopping

Smart Police

It was adorable that the police were in Smart Cars

Great quote

This quote was presented during the summit and I loved it

Gary and Kathryn

Gary and Kathryn getting ready to head to dinner


This wonderful singer performed for us after dinner


She had a beautiful voice. I didn't understand a word she said, but could have listened all night

The kissing song

She sang this wonderful song about kissing and punctuated it by kissing a few people in the audience (not me)

Presenting the 3 pillars

Here I am presenting my "3 Pillars New Hire Training" slide

More Cablecars

I loved the cablecars!

And another funicular

I loved these little cars!


I was wandering the streets and saw this cool display in a window

Dusk falls

Dusk falls on the castle on the hill

A cool side street

This little side street had lots of cool outdoor cafes

Nifty Building

I wandered around taking some fun night shots

Dinner at K

We had dinner with the Advisor team at this far out restaurant called "K"

The Advisor Team

The Advisor team hanging out in front of the fountain in K

Nice space

The inside of K was stunning

You've got a little drip starting

They've got a little problem with dripping candles

The fountain turned off

Here's the fountain after they turned it off

Side view

This angle gives you a view of how the room lines up behind the fountain

Scruffy lazy dog

This scruffy little guy was adorable. He was hanging out when we visited Cascais again

Back in Cascais

Another shot of Cascais, but this time with my wide angel


This guy was the cutest

Christi in Cascais

Christi in font of the beach in Cascais


Quite a serious way to keep out the rif-raf

The Walkway

There was a beautiful walkway along the beach in Cascais. Here it passes by a saltwater pool

Castle on the beach

A beautiful little castle on the water

Great Graffiti

There was some hilarous graffiti on the walls next to the beach

Looking down the beach

A cool view down the beach


A shot of our reflections as the train went by

Cascais from the far side

Another neat shot of the Cascais harbor

Looking back

Looking back along the walkway toward Cascaus

Some Assembly Required

Another great piece of graffiti

The Train

The train from Lisbon to Cascais was incredibly easy to catch, and only took about a half hour

Man on the train

We sat across from this far out old guy on the train

Swan Song

This beautiful swan was in a pond in the park below our hotel


I assume this is a statue of Diana. It was down in the park

Breast Cancer Awareness

I took a walk through the park on our last day there and there was a huge breast cancer awareness rally going on

Cheer Squad

This squad was leading hundreds of people in exercises during the breast cancer rally

The Participants

A shot of the participants in the breast cancer rally

Hey, you can see our hotel!

Our hotel is the stairstepped building behind the stage in this shot. Our window was on the front overlooking the park

And kick!

Another shot of the cheer squad


A cool little fruitstand

Accordian player

This guy played accordian and chilled out on the street with his little dog. He was actually shown in one of the paintings done by a nearby street vendor

The Big Day

This government building was all set up speaches celebrating Portugese independence

Another cool trolley

I could have shot trolleys all day

Our Painting

We bought this cool painting from an artist on the street

Big Dog!

A huge floating dog in the park next to our hotel