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Green Lake - May 21, 2005

Here's another walk I took around Green Lake, taking pictures of the ducklings and goslings. I filled two 1GB cards because the ducklings and goslings wouldn't stop doing cute things.



After saying goodbye to Christi as they headed out on their run I ran into this squirrel who seemed curious as to whether I had food


When I got down to the lake I saw these beautiful flowers

Duck & Flowers

Walking around the lake I got this picture of a duck behind the flowers

Duck Family

And then I ran into a whole family of ducks

Ducks in Formation

I followed the duck family as they swam along the shore

Feeding by Shore

The ducklings nibbled in the roots along the shore

More Nibbling

Here's a good close up of them feeding


The ducklings kept jumping up in the water to grab bugs out of the air

Jumping Again

Here's a closer view of a jumping duckling

And Again

And another jumping duckling


I love the way the ripples surround the duckling in this shot

On a Rock

As the ducklings swam along the shore this one paused on a rock for a minute

Close Up

These guys are so cute!

In Reeds

I got some great shots of them coming through the reeds

Stay away from my goslings!

Moving around the lake we came upon a family feeding the geese and goslings. Once the ducklings joined in it was pandemonium.


The goose kept chasing the ducklings away

Okay, we'll stay away

The ducklings would remember for a minute

Didn't I just tell you to stay away?

But then they'd forget again and the goose would have to remind them

Oh, yeah, that's right, we'll stay away

Then they'd remember

Maybe this will remind you

And they'd scatter as the hissing goose charged

End Run

Here's a duckling making an end run around the Goose family

Goose Family

The goose family was beautiful

Looking Regal

Here they are looking regal on a step that's slightly submerged


Goslings alone on the step


Gosling looking not so regal