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Green Lake - May 15, 2005

While Christi did training runs for the Marathon I found myself with plenty of time to wander around Green Lake taking pictures of the various things I saw.



The yellow of these flowers looks beautiful against the background of the lake

Duck Family

As I walked around the lake I saw a family of ducklings


The ripples in the water are great on this shot

Goose Family

The goslings were incredibly cute and fluffy

Gosling Water Drop

Look at the droplet of water on his beak

Gosling Framed

The foliage on the shore frames this gosling beautifully

Gosling Framed 2

Here's the same Gosling with the focus on the foreground

Feeding Frenzy

A guy on the shore was fishing and feeding the goslings pistachios

Geese on Shore

I backed up and shot from a distance so they could get out of the water and hang out on the shore

Protecting her Goslings

The mother goose fluffed up and let her goslings huddle around her

Older Ducklings

Another family had older ducklings snuggled on the shore

Duck on Log

I love the etheral quality of this photo of a duck on a log


As I walked around the far end of Green Lake I saw this bunny in the bushes

Bee on a Flower

I got this great close up of a bee on a flower


On the far side of the lake near the boathouses I saw a couple turtles sunning on a log


About 3/4 of the way around the lake I saw a young family feeding a cute little squirrel