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Whistler - January 2009

We had a chance to get up to Whistler for a 4-day weekend in January and it was wonderful.

We stayed at the Aspens again. It's a great condo right on the slope of Blackcomb just above the Fairmont. We found it on but is who we go through and the variety of units and rates are great.

 While we were there I put together a couple of short videos              


Whistler Morning

Peak-to-Peak Gondola
My friend Mark turned me on to some cool software called CHDK that lets you hack a canon point and shoot camera and add functionality. I used it to take a shot every ten seconds over the course of a morning, then combined them to create this nifty video. I used my new Canon 5D Mark II to take a high definition video of the ride from Blackcomb to Whistler on the new Peak-to-Peak gondola. I compressed the video by 4x, then took the result and did it again by 4x to create a 34-second video of the ride across the valley.  



This is a panorama I stiched together from multiple shots. Our condo is on the right where I started the shot and it moves down to the left toward the Fairmont and ends up with the chairlift behind me when I started

View from the room

We stayed at the Aspens again this year, but in another condo this time. It was an end unit right on the slopes and had this great view from the bedroom

Beauty in the snow

We had a great time wandering around in the winter wonderland


A shot of me with base of Blackcomb behind me

Blackomb base

The base of Blackcomb with a view of our condo above it

Fitzsimmons creek

A shot of the cool little creek that runs between the upper and lower villages

Beauty on the bridge

A shot of Christi on the bridge over Fitzsimmons creek

Covered bridge

The adorable bridge that takes you across Fitzsimmons creek

Long exposure

A long exposure of the creek making for a cool effect

Looking up

Looking up the creek with another long exposure

One more

One more long exposure shot, just a closer one

Dubh Linn Gate

A shot of the Dubh Linn Gate. A great irish pub in the lower village

Drink list

In honor of Van Morrison I drank a lot of the "Brown Eyed Girl"s

Hoisting a brew

Christi, on the other hand, drinks a real drink

Great musician

This guy was awesome. He was doing Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, and other great stuff

Beauty in the pub

Can't stop taking pictures of her, she's just so adorable!


Finally a shot of us together. A guy sitting way across the bar with his friends got up and came over to offer to take our picture. Canadians are so nice!!!

Snowy night

The view out the window in the Dubh Linn Gate

Blackomb gondola

The gondola that goes up Blackcomb from the lower village. You can see the slopes and snow cat light

Back at the Dubh Linn Gate

We had some drinks at the Dubh Linn Gate, went and got massages, and then came back for some dinner and more music


A pretty shot of a wreath in the snow

Snow on the branches

The fresh snowfall was wonderful

The bridge at night

The covered bridge is beautiful with its lights glowing at night

Another angle

another angle on the bridge

Walking down the snowy path

the path from the bridge toward the upper village

Beauty and the bridge

perfect lighting

Christmas trees

The trees were beautiful in the snow

Lights in the trees

The lights in the trees were beautiful in the snow

Snow Cat

Nifty snow cat coming down the slope

Blackcomb base

With a little red arrow pointing to our room


The little bar we almost ran into when we were sledding last year

Heading back in

Heading back into the Aspens

Looking back

Looking back down the slope we just walked up

Best hot chocolate ever!!!

Christi got me this hot chocolate maker last Christmas and I love it! You just put in milk (I use organic chocolate milk) and chocolate (I use a mix of nestles quick, malt powder, and williams sonoma peppermint chocolate.) Sometimes I add chunks of chocolate bar and marshmallows and it all melts into the milk, then it froths it up and pours it into your glass over even more marshmallows!

Best invention ever

Yak Trax! They're like slip on chains for your boots. Easy to put on, and provide perfect traction for your boots or shoes. You can add them practically any shoes.

Kids snow school

This school is adorable and has great little conveyer belts to take the kids up

Our place from the gondola

A shot down the hill from the gondola with our place called out with a red arrow

Foggy vally

A shot up the valley between Blackcomb and Whistler

Peak to peak gondola

In this close up you can just make out the peak to peak gondola running just above the line of fog

Looking back

Looking back down the gondola line as we near the summit


Looking from Whistler over to Blackcomb

Snow bunny

Christi at the summit of Whistler

Olympics symbol

The symbol of the olympics at the summit of Whistler

I AM the olympics

Me and the olympics symbol

Me again

Christi got this cool shot at the summit of Whistler

Peak to Peak

A shot of the peak to peak gondola as it crosses the unbelievable span

Lunch View

On this trip we caught on to the fact that you don't have to wrestle for food and find a seat in the cafeteria, you can just sit in the restaurant, enjoy the view, and have them bring food and yummy coffee drinks

Peak to Peak

Heading back from Blackcomb to Whistler on the peak to peak

Looking up the valley

Looking up the valley between Blackcomb and Whistler

Serious cable

A display of the cables that hold up the peak to peak gondola

Oh Canada

The flags were cool at the Whistler summit


We found a rocky mountain chocolate company at the base and got an outstanding chocolate and carmel covered apple coated with nuts and marshmallows!


A reflection of skiers walking back from the slopes

Night on Fitzsimmons creek

A cool night shot of the creek

Christmas lights

The village is beautiful and is made more so by christmas lights and fresh snow

Munchin and Lambkin

The puppets with Blackcomb base behind them

Bald eagle

While we were driving home we drove through a little town that claimed it was the Bald Eagle capital. IT WAS!!! There were dozens of them everywhere you looked. We pulled over and I took pictures of five of them on a couple trees


An eagle all fluffed up

Flying in

While I was shooting several eagles a couple more flew down the river and joined the first group


The eagle landing on his branch

Big bird

These guys were huge!

Another coming in

Flying in to join his buddies