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Whistler British Columbia - February 2008

In February we celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to Whistler. We spent a week snuggling by the fire, skiing, drinking a lot of champagne, and generally enjoying ourselves. Okay, we spent a bit of time on work stuff, but if you've got to work, I can't think of a better place.


In addition to the regular photos, I got some fun panoramas by stitching together shots from my little point and shoot camera. I'm pretty impressed with how well the stitching worked. I did a little clean-up in photoshop, but not much. These shots are larger than the ones I usually post, but the originals are about 90-inches wide!




Room with a view

Here's the view from our room. You can see the base of Blackcomb and the Fairmont below

Snow Bunny

Christi at the top of Blackcomb

Rock Face

This rock face on 7th Heaven is cool

Heading back to the condo

The view down the slope at the Fairmont

No Shell!

It was so warm that we didn't even need to wear our shells!

On the lift

Here we are coming up the 7th Heaven chair

Thoughtful Mark

While I might look thoughtful in this picture, I'm really just so exhausted that I can't move

From our balcony

Looking down at the village from our balcony

Our Condo

Our room is the second floor between the floors with the lights on, and consists of the rock portion and the balcony on the right

Snow Cat

At night the snow cats head out to groom the slopes

Morning comes to the slopes

A shot our of our window before we head out to go skiing

Looking up

Looking up from the base of Blackcomb. You can see our room right above the head of the snowboarder in the foreground

Cold Water

A close up of the river that runs between the upper and lower village

On Whistler Summit

One of the days we went up to the summit of Whistler mountain just to do some site seeing

Ski Limo

They offer a service called Ski Limo where you're sitting on a sled and a driver controls it from behind. A cool opportunity for the non-skiier

Olympic Symbol

Christi at the summit of Whistler by the 2010 olympic mascot

Conveyer belt

We saw this from the gondola on the way down. It's a kids ski school with a nifty little conveyer belt instead of a lift or rope tow

Looking down

Looking down from the gondola at the Fairmont and our condo right above it. They're putting in a peak to peak condo between whistler and blackcomb that will open next december

Quack Quack

Recovering from collagen lip treatments during a vacation in whistler

Steamy path

Heading out of our condo with the hot tubs throwing up steam

The Aspens

A picture up the hill looking at our condo

The Bridge

I love this little covered bridge between the upper and lower village

The River

A night shot of the river that the bridge goes over

A description of a Canadian

This shirt cracked me up

Pretty lights

I love how the village lights up at night

Beautiful morning

I love how the sky just pops in this morning shot

On the bridge

A passer by took this shot of me and Christi on the bridge

She's so mean!

Okay, I was being a bit of a pain when I took this picture

Big smile

But she forgave me!

Breakfast outdoors

It was so warm out we were able to have breakfast in an outdoor seating area even without heaters!

Blackcomb base

Looking at the lift from the Blackcomb base


A long exposure of the bridge with people walking

Inside the bridge

The light was so warm

Looking down the river

Looking down the river from the bridge

Heading upstairs

Heading up the stairs from the lower village to the upper village

Blackcomb base at night

The moon was huge that night. The following night there was a cool lunar eclipse

The Red Bear

Me in my red bear hat


This group of crows were taking a bath in the river and then flew off

Chrome Dome

I decided my hair was a bit of a losing battle, so I shaved it while we were up there

Christi wins the gold!

Christi receiving her gold medal a little early for the 2010 olympics

Showing my pride

Celebrating my big olympic win


Practicing for my 2010 Olympic run


We decided to sled from our condo down to the restaurant at the base. It turns out it's incredibly hard to stop. I nearly ran down two women walking down the hill

My sled

Our room had a couple sleds that we could use