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On June 4th we had a team outing to play WhirlyBall. I've got to admit, I was thinking "I'm too busy, I don't want to go do this dumb thing" but it was OUTSTANDING!!! We had so much fun, and it was incredibly exhausting! Both Christi and I have huge bruises all over from smashing into each other and into our seatbelts and the sides of our cars when you get bumped into.

Here's a quick video I put together from some clips I got of the last two matches. It's about 17mb so you might want to right click and save it to your desktop before you run it.


Marla getting the Whirlyball rundown

Lenny and Dennis gabbing prior to the first match

Angie and Scott

Christi, Ryan, and Cindy

Clay and Scott showing that they're down with the Aurora posse

Karen getting ready

Trish buckling up

Nate practices his full court shot

Jason getting ready

Ryan waiting for the electricity

Mike making the pass

Lenny with the ball and Clay going for the block

Clay caught in a rare moment where he's not making the referee cry

Ultimate concentration

Padma flying down the court in #21

Scott trying to protect the ball

Lenny going for the block on Dennis

Louise avoiding painful bruises by hanging out on the sidelines

Not sure why it looks like I'm blocking Angie since we're on the same team

Christi going for the shot

Fooseball with Alan, Dennis, Michele, Mike and Jim

Lenny and Ryan taking a break

Clay for the shot (patented tongue out technique)

The mob goes for the rebound

Clay and Dennis on the move

Dennis with the ball

Then he passes down court

Clay blocking Ryan

Dawn working to get the ball past Jim

Jim looking to block Clay

Clay with the classic tongue out shot

Dawn reaches for the ball that bounced up on her cart

Clay shoots, Lenny and Jim go for the block

Marla tools down the court with her patented side saddle technique as Jason comes in for the block

Dennis with the shot

Hanging out between matches

Fighting for the rebound

Scott and Ryan head down court

Corner shot recovered

Mike with the pass, Jim going for the block

Ryan celebrating his goal

Clay with the shot, and Lenny going for the block

I've got the ball, now what?

Brian making the pass

Nate making a run with the ball

Eileen and Dennis with their eyes on the ball

Trish chasing down Marla

Dennis for the shot, and Karen trying to block

Mike going to block Nate

Brian cruising down court with the ball

The big board during the championship match

Me and my best friend Mike. He may say we're not friends, but he's just shy.

Hanging between matches

Email doesn't stop for Whirlyball

The Champs!

A Closeup