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Sunriver - 2007

Almost every summer we head down to Sunriver Oregon (near Bend) with Christi's family and spend a week kayaking, riding bikes, hiking, playing in the pool, and generally having fun.

Here's some shots from our trip down there in 2007.

Note: Not Really Chipmunks : )  A Biologist from the east coast happened on my pictures of "chipmunks" from Sunriver, and gave me the heads-up that they're not really chipmunks, but are instead "Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels." Not nearly as cute a name, but according to Wikipedia they are distinguished by their lack of facial stripes. You learn something new every day! And I love it!



Chelsey on top of Lava Butte

Chelsey and Sibyl

Hanging out on top of Lava Butte

George, Liz, Christi and Me

Again on top of Lava Butte (it's quite a hike!)

Group Shot

Brock, Sibyl, Brett, George, Chelsey, and Liz

Out for a Ride

Sunriver has miles and miles of paved bike trails, so daily bike rides are a must!

Handlebar View

A cool shot Steve got while we were out riding

Coming back

Another shot from Steve with us coming back down the trail

Morning Coffee

In the mornings we'd grab coffee at a great little shop in the Sunriver village

At Benham Falls

Liz, Steve, and Peg, hiking down at Benham falls

The Girls

Peg, Liz, and Christi hiking at Benham falls

Taking Pictures

The lens gets awful heavy on the hikes, but it's worth it for the pictures

Top of the Falls

There's a great lookout at the top of the falls

Group Shot

For the last few years we've been taking a goup shot on this cool bridge over the Deschutes

Lining up the Shot

Setting up the family photo

Christi Doing the Paddling

Christi doing all the work while I take pictures

At the Pool

Peg at the pool


Sibyl at the pool

Johnny & Tom

Johnny and Tom hanging out on the deck

At the Fire Watchtower

Brock at the fire watchtower on top of Lava Butte

In the Boat

Brock in his inflatible kayak on the Deschutes

Cindy and the Kids

Brock, Cindy, and Brett on the bridge

Family Photo

Tom, Cindy, and the kids

The Kids

Brock, Chelsey, Liz, and Brett

Great Lighting

Adorable shot of Tom and Cindy


We saw lots of deer this time. Next time we need to bring a salt lick!


The little deer were adorable!


Her ears are huge!

Two Fawns

I just wanted to go pet the fawns, but I'm not sure they were good with that

In the Window

Brett and Brock in the window

Hanging Out

Christi's cousin Johnny came by for a day and regaled us with cool stories

More Hanging Out

Sunriver is a huge community with hundreds of houses for rent, so we always get a nice big place where we can all stay together

And Then...

Johnny is endlessly cool, and has great stories

Wide Angle

A wide angle shot of the room

Nice Light Fixture

Sorry deer!

Playing Pool

Hanging out and playing pool in the house

Pool Shark

Liz lining up the shot

Heading up the Hill

Heading up Lava Butte


Looks like a long way up. AND IT IS!!!

Hey Look!

I'm still walking around the trail up the hill, and Peg and Steve are already on top

On Top

Steve, Peg, Christi, John, and Liz

I Smell

Me taking the opportunity to gross out Liz


The top of Lava Butte is full of Chipmunks, and they will come right up and eat out of your hand

Yum, Yum!

A chipmunk enjoying a snack


I told you so!

I Love This Shot

He's so cute against the lava rock backdrop


Steve, Peg, John, and Johnny slacking in the family room

Christi and Cindy

They are adorable!


Liz, Chelsey, and Cindy stocking up


Sunset from the deck of the Sunriver lodge


Brock playing human pancake


Steve showing his "Fierce" side

Tyra Would be Proud

Tyra Banks would be proud of our fierce looks!


A chipmunk snagging a treat

Brett Feeding the Chipmunk

They are so tame!

Yum! Thanks!

Up close on the feeding


Steve getting in on the feeding

Up Close

A chipmunk makes a run up Sibyl's arm to grab a snack

Giving Five

I think the chipmunk is giving Brock five

Family Photo

Tom & Cindy and the kids by the Lava Butte sign

Family Photo Too

Peg and Steve and the kids


Chelsey, ever the gymnast

George & Sibyl

Hanging out on Lava Butte

Lazy River

George in the background with Brock and Cindy in the inflatible


Brett cruising down the river


An Osprey taking off from a tree by the river

In Flight

An Osprey in flight


George paddling down the river


Brett when he got stuck behind the stump

Brock Paddling

Brock kicking it into high gear


Artists by the shore of the Deschutes

Beautiful View

The view on the water is stunning

Martini Anyone

The restaurants in Bend are outstanding. We hit a few this time, but will try to hit more next time

Another Fawn

They are just too cute to stop taking pictures of

Peg & Chelsey

Hanging out at the coffee shop

Can You Hear Me Now?

Liz, turning into a teenager

Ready to Ride

Ready to hit the trail on the bikes

On the Bouncy Toy

Brett on the big bouncy toy

So You Say You Can Dance

She's a maniac

Mexican Dinner

There's a great little Mexican place in the village

Looking Back

A pretty deer we saw while we were out riding


A little spotted Fawn


This cool biplane flys around giving people rides

Bikes Eye View

Riding on the trail


A bee gathering pollen

Just the Flower

These flowers were pretty

Hanging at the Coffee Shop

The outdoor seating at the coffee shop was great (and so were the breakfast sandwiches)


Tom & Cindy


A cool shot of a dragonfly on an antenna

Osprey Nest

A huge osprey nest on the hike to Benham Falls

Poor Liz

Peg and Christi embarassing Liz

Benham Falls

The rapids above Benham Falls

Crazy Man!

I don't know how he did it, because it would have scared the hell out of me, but Steve climbed out on a rock ledge

Looks Easy

I was feeling dizzy just watching

More my Speed

I was happy to stand safely on solid ground

Haskeys at Benham Falls

Family shot at Benham Falls


Goofing off

How Fun

Oh look, Liz beat me to the top of Lava Butte too!


Do you have any food?

Guided Tour

The fire lookout ranger gave us a cool guided tour of how he looks out for fires

Little Visitor

While we were visiting the fire lookout this little chipmunk came in and ate out of his special stash of food

Looking In

Looking in at the tour of the fire lookout

Another View

Another shot into the fire lookout

Over Yonder

The Ranger explaining how equipment works

The Scope

The scope part of the spotting system

The Map

I don't remember how it works, but it's neat

The Horizon

Theres a cool mural of the horizon around the top of the fire lookout


Peg and Steve in the inflatible

Cute in Blue

Christi cruising the Deschutes in our blue kayak

Lazy Ducks

Lazy ducks hanging out on a log

Peg & Steve

Peg & Steve cruise in the inflatable


A heron on the side of the river checking us out as we float by

Sidewalk Surfer

Brock surfs the sidewalk on my powerboard

Kicking Back

Brett chilling on the powerboard

Family Photo

A family photo on the cool bridge

The Goofy Version

Of course a goofy version


George & Sibyl and the grandkids

Tom Side

Tom, Cindy, Sibyl, George, Brock, and Brett

Tom & Cindy

Tom, Cindy, Brock, and Brett

Peg & Steve

Chelsey, Peg, Steve, and Liz

George & Sibyl

The Kids

Sibyl, Peg, Tom, Christi, and George


Brock, Chelsey, Liz, and Brett

The River

The Deschutes is beautiful in this area


Liz and Chelsey goofing off while we were out for dinner

Steve & Peg

There are some incredible restaurants in Bend. We have to try more next time

Tom & Brett

Great shot of Brett on this one

Princess Spoon-nose

and her lovely sister Princess Cuillere-nez

In the Pool

Beating the heat in the pool

Brock & Christi

Brock and Christi hanging in the pool

Christi, Chelsey, and Liz

The pool is a daily must visit

Brock Splashes In

Brock joining the fun

The Glider

Steve and George decided to take a glider flight this year


The glider cockpit

Tow Plane

The plane that tows the glider up

George Loads Up

George climbing in the glider

Safety First

George getting strapped in

Steve & George

Steve and George getting ready to head up

Heading Up

The tow plane begins to pull the glider down the runway


They're off the ground

Up Close

A close crop of the previous shot where you can see them in the cockpit

They're Off!

Up they go

Pulling Them Up

The tow plane pulling them up

Glider Ad

Here's the ad for the glider flight

In the Air

A shot of the river shot from the air

Quite a Ways Down

They flew so high I could barely make them out with a 300mm lens

In for a Landing

You can see the runway ahead


The glider coming in for a landing

Close Shot

A close shot of them coming in for a landing

The Wave

Steve waving as they land

Fearless Gliders

Posing by their plane