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San Diego - Red Bull Air Races

Christi and I were down in San Diego in September 2007 for a Manager's offsite for our group. After we bought our tickets I found out the Red Bull air races were coming to San Diego the day after we left. I was so bummed.

But luck was on my side. The day the conference ended we ended up with a few hours before our flight. We decided to drive over to Coronado island to get lunch and see if maybe the racers were out practicing. But it was even better! The air races were actually starting that day. We had lunch at Il Fornaio overlooking the race course, then walked outside and were right on top of the race course. We were able to hang out for a few hours and watch the races before we headed to our flight.

The course was laid out all across the San Diego Harbor and it was unbelievably cool!


The Course

Check out the course laid out across the San Diego Bay

Cute Guy, Cute Puppy

The planes were cool, but Christi seemed to spend an awful lot of time with the little yellow lab puppy and his hot owner

The Runthrough

The camera helicopter did a runthrough of the course prior to the planes

The First Plane

Here's the first plane going through the course

Close Up

You can actually see the pilots faces in some of the close ups

Buzzing the Midway

The course ran right in front of the Midway aircraft carrier

Extreme Angle

Check out the air streaming off the top wing

Red Bull

The Red Bull sponsored plane was the coolest one

Red Bull Close Up

A close crop on the Red Bull Plane


Makes you want to go out and buy a watch!

In Front of the Convention Center

Here a plane banks in front of the Convention Center

Cool Smoke Trail

The planes all had cool smoke trails behind them

The Pylons

The pylons were filled with air, and we actually saw a plane knock one down

Close Up

Here's a close up of that last shot