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Remembering Rocco

We lost our wonderful boy Rocco on Monday September 28th 2009.  We lost his brother Duke almost a year before, and Rocco stuck with us as long as he could to help us make it through the loss of his brother.

Lying with him on the bedroom floor, waiting while Christi showers

    He'd lick my head, and I'd rub his back

         I could lie there and snuggle with him for hours


His gray muzzle, and happy puppy dog eyes would look up

    Making you smile no matter how the day went

        Rain or shine, splashing through the water, or bounding through the snow

            He was a wonderful, beautiful, happy, smiling pup!


Every dog we see, reminds us of you

    In every happy time we see our happy times together

Rocco, you filled our hearts, and there you'll live forever!

 - click the image below to link to a gallery of photos of our wonderful life with Rocco -