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Here's some pictures from our Octoberfest party



Team Vista

It's got my arm!!!

Careful Planning

A team effort

Doctor Nate

Are you stealing my idea!

Hey, watch the hands!

The X-Pumpkin kicks off

Vista pumpkin kicks off

The layout

More layout

The cutout

Workman's comp waiting to happen!

Dennis keeps a respectful distance

Detail work


Nate digs away at the detail

The Pie Eating Contest!

The first bite!

Uh, you've got a little something on your face

Digging in!

Slow and easy

Ryan hanging loose

And chowing down!

I love pie!

Whipped cream down, now on to the pie

Washing it down

Always looking sharp


Photo Finish!

The finishing touches

The spectators

The Blibbet

Halo 3

Scary X-Box

X marks the spot

Wow! Great pumpkin!

The finished X-Pumpkin