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Maui - October 2009

We headed back to Maui this October with my sister Annie and her husband Paul. This was the first trip back to Maui since Christi and I lost 30+ pounds apiece and it felt GREAT!!! I even ran with Christi on the path a few times during the week, because as it turns out, your knees don't hurt when there's 30 less pounds of weight on them!

We stayed in a different condo in the Ekahi complex and loved it. Check out the photos I took in the "condo" section below. It's the 54-A unit you see on their site. We've now stayed in three of their four condos and love all of them. This one was great for two couples as it has two bedrooms with their own bathrooms, and a ton of space. They also own the unit above, so if you went with four couples or a family reunion you'd be right next to each other.

Traveling with Annie and Paul was a blast! Nice to hang out with a low maintenance couple that you get along with!

Thinking about going to Maui? I'm slowly building a page with some information and maps that might help      

Photos (Click any of the thumbnails below to go to that gallery)

The Condo

The Luau
Makena Drum Circle
Miscellaneous Shots
Night Photos
In the Pool