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Maui - February 2009

We celebrated our second anniversary in Maui, and had breakfast on the morning of our anniversary at the Seawatch where we got married.

We did almost nothing. Each morning we'd get up in the morning so Christi could run on the path along the beach in Wailea, while I either walked on the path and took pictures or snorkeled. Then we'd pack our little "life is good" cooler with snacks and some titanic (half Malibu rum, half pineapple juice, and a splash of midori) and spend the next five hours or so at the beach, reading our books, playing in the surf, and soaking up the sun. At night we'd walk about a mile down the beach either to the right (to Sarento's) or to the left (to Ferraro's), drink a good bottle of Italian, enjoy a great meal and then have a romantic walk back to the condo.

I highly recommend the condos we stayed at. We found them up on http://VRBO, but they have their own page with the different units they own up at We've stayed at their Ekolu unit (outstanding condo, plenty of room and lots of privacy), and a couple times at their one bedroom Ekahi unit (a great condo, and while it has a little less room and privacy than the Ekolu unit it is really close to the beach), and we've got one of their two bedroom Ekahi units booked for this coming December.

I also put together an aerial map of Wailea with some of our favorite places annotated. Just click the map below to open it. Note: it's about 8MB.

Of course I got a few pictures while we were there. Here's some of my favorites.   

Thinking about going to Maui? I put together a page with some information and maps that might help      


View from the condo

This is panorama I shot of the view from our condo

Whale Breach

I didn't get the up close whale shots I wanted, but we saw a lot of whales. This series of a whale breaching is kind of fun


There are a lot of cats living in the woods near Makena beach

Another one

and yet another

A bunch of cats

Wailea Beach at Night

A night shot of Wailea beach as we walked to Ferraro's down at the four seasons at the far end of the beach

Beach in front of the condo

This is the beach in front of the condo we stayed at

Our Heart

We make a sand heart almost every time we go to maui, this one was on valentine's day

Beauty and the beach

My beauty on the beach near our condo

Starry, starry night

The night sky was beautiful, and full of stars

Another shot

Another shot of the stars. I shot these by putting my camera on a chair that had been set out for a wedding on the lawn where we we got married two years ago

Slithery fish

This guy was all slithery. Not as scary as the big eel I saw, but I'm not a big fan of snake shaped anything

The Four Seasons

A shot toward the beach from the Four Seasons. Ferraro's is off to the right

Yellow fish

A nifty little yellow fish

Looking back

Snorkeling in Makena, this is looking back toward the beach

Heading to dinner

Heading down the lawn in the Ekahi complex to walk down the beach to dinner


Sunset on the reef in front of our condo

On our way to dinner

I put the camera on the log you'll see in other shots so we could get a picture together


My beauty on the log on the beach in front of our condo

Looking out

Christi looking out at the sunset

Bright Planet

The super bright planet at the top of the palm trees dominated the sky every night

Night Sky

A fun night shot from in front of the Marriott. The super bright building way down the coastline is where Sarento's is


Ah, Vietti Barbera! I had a lot of wonderful evenings thanks to Vietti, and a wonderful beautiful wife

Little Makena Morning

A beautiful morning on little beach at Makena

Breakfast at Seastar

Looking over the grounds at Seastar where we got married, on the morning of our second anniversary

Another wonderful dinner

We had so many wonderful days, followed by wonderful dinners. I can't wait to go back!

Always shooting

Standing in front of little beach at Makena taking some early morning shots

Beauty at breakfast

Christi at breakfast at Seawatch

Golden sunset

A rich golden sunset


I love the bright corona around the cloud

Night on the beach

A shot down the beach toward the reef where I snorkel, with the lava dome of Makena showing way in the distance

Me on the beach

A shot of me as we walked down the beach to dinner

Our beach

A shot down the beach in front of the condo as we took a walk in the morning

Another angle

The same beach, from a different angle. The log that I used to hold the camera for our shot together is at the far end of the beach

The Magic of Photoshop

This is the same shot as the previous one, but I used Photoshop to remove the people from the beach and bring the colors more inline with what it really looked like that day

Off for a ride

The mustang convertible has a different level of fit and finish than our volvo convertible, but a little american muscle now and then is kind of fun

Dinner at Joe's

Joe's was supposed to be outstanding, and we had high hopes, but our dinners were lame

Walking to Ferraro's

Looking down the beach toward Ferraro's as we headed down for dinner

Nifty fish

Yeah, I have a card that tells me what kind of fish they are somewhere, but for now, I'll call them Bob and Jeff

Big scary eel

Again, not a big fan of long slithery fish

Neat blue fish

These guys were really cool looking. probably good eating too!

Nibble fest

It looked like a feeding frenzy on this part of the reef

More fish

More nifty fish


I love the cool shafts of sunlight coming up from the clouds

Huge sun

The sun was huge on this night. We sat on the lawn in front of the Marriott and watched the sun set

Another shot

Aother shot of the sunset

Another night shot on the beach

We stopped and sat on the beach, enjoying the night sky

Big turtle

I got some turtle shots, but not as many as I'd like

Neat reflection

A cool reflection on the water surface

Neat sunlight pattern

A cool pattern of sunlight on his shell

Curtain of sunlight

It's hard to see the turtle coming at me, but the sunlight makes a cool curtain in the water

A cool up close shot

A neat up close shot of a turtle

Another turtle

Hard to pick my favorite


I keep trying for the perfect relection shot. This isn't it, but it's getting closer

Looking back

A shot back toward the shore of wailea as I was snorkeling

Whale tail

A cool shot of a whale's tail going down

Makena panorama

A panorama of Big Beach at Makena


Someone laid down this little "Love" message in coral on the lava passage between big beach and little beach almost every morning