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Maui - December 2008

Christi and I spent a week Maui this December to celebrate her birthday and decompress a little.

The day we got there was beautiful, but we got a scare on the second day when it literally rained for 24-hours, but all the subsequent days were sunny and 80 degrees, so it ended up working out great!

This was my first trip with my early Christmas present from Christi, the Canon 5D Mark II. It's an incredible camera, full frame, 21 megapixels, and high def movies. It's incredible. I also got an underwater housing for it and got some neat underwater shots. The water was a bit rough this year so I didn't get the shots I wanted, but I'll have another chance in February.

Here's a video I shot using the new camera and underwater housing. The underwater photos are down toward the bottom of the page.


Thinking about going to Maui? I put together a page with some information and maps that might help 


New Condo

We stayed in a condo in Ekahi this time. The complex is right on the beach, and on our first night we were able to walk right down the beach to Ferraro's for dinner

First Sunset

Here's the view from our condo on the first evening


We walked down to the beach to get more sunset shots

More Sunset

the first night was actually the best sunset of the trip

Walking to dinner

Walking through the Ekahi grounds to dinner. The new camera can shoot at 6500 ISO so it gets some great night shots

Dinner at Ferraros

A shot at Ferraros, a great restaurant at the Four Seasons


Enjoying my dinner

Pineapples are slippery!

I was unaware of how slippery pineapples were until I saw them using a picture of a pineapple to indicate a slippery floor. You learn something new every day!

Walking home

A shot of Wailea beach as we walked home from dinner

Further down the beach

It was much darker out, but I was able to brighten the shot quite a bit using a high ISO setting. I love this beach

Birthday Present

I made a little box and card by taking antique postcard replicas and metal that I embossed


Christi enjoying her birthday dinner at Capische, wearing the necklace I made her for her birthday


Dinner at Capische

Big Frog!

This big frog was next to the path on the way into our condo

Morning walk

Taking a walk on the beach while Christi goes for a run

Looking the other way

Looking down the beach the other way

Yummy lizard

A cattle egret eating a lizard

Our tree

I love this tree. That's Makena beyond it


This guy was painting a cool picture by the path

Makena - Big Beach

A shot of Big Beach at Makena

Night walk

A cool view of palm trees as we walk down the beach to Sarento's

Long Exposure

A long exposure shot back down the beach. it was much darker, but I left the shutter open a bit

Taking a break

Some boogie boarders taking a break on little beach in makena

Marriott infiniti pool

the new infiniti pool at the Marriott

Another angle

apparently the cabanas are for rent. i'm good with the beach

Little Beach

A shot down little beach. One of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches on Maui. it's also slightly clothing optional, but it's very laid back and non-touristy and you can't tell at this resolution

From the other side

Little beach from the other side

Makena Panorama

A panorama of big beach

Lahaina evening

a long exposure in Lahaina

Even longer

an even longer exposure

Beauty on the rocks

a shot of Christi as I came out of the water from snorkeling

Christi at Sarento's

Sarento's is one of our favorite restaurants. it was a huge plus that we could just walk down the beach to it

Sunset from our deck

another beautiful sunset from the deck

Makena morning

we went to Makena in the morning to get some pictures

Beauty and the beach

christi with little beach behind her


yeah, it's really hard to stop taking pictures of her. she's adorable!

Love on Makena

Down big beach

looking down big beach toward the hill between big and little beach

Two Turtles

I got some decent underwater shots, but can't wait till February to get some better shots

More turtles

Okay, I'm obsessed with turtles!

Catching a breath

Pokey head fish

Neon looking fish

more pokey head fish

I think that's the scientific name

More fish

Puffer fish

I think


Yeah, or whatever, I don't know

Big fish


The turtles were chowing down on the stuff growing on the rocks