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Maui - December 2007

We celebrated Christi's 40th birthday by going back to Maui. We found an outstanding condo using, right above the Shops at Wailea with a beautiful view. It was nice not staying in a hotel room for once.

We spent December 8-19th over there and while we were there our friends Dan and Tricia visited with their baby Ryan, and my brother Jean and his wife Ramona came over for awhile too. Our friend Janet from work was also over there, wrapping up a month and a half on the island (now that's a vacation).

We arrived at the perfect time, the first sunny day after over a week of biblical rains that even knocked out power for two days. Our time on the island was perfectly sunny and we had a blast. Lots of sunbathing, drinking tropical drinks, and fabulous meals.

Thinking about going to Maui? I put together a page with some information and maps that might help 



Our friends Dan and Tricia came with their baby Ryan. He is adorable, and I've never seen a baby that universally happy and well behaved.

Room with a view

We found the best condo by looking on It was right above the shops at Wailea and had an outstanding view

Snorkeling bay

This is one of my favorite places to snorkel. It's right next to the Marriott and has great fish

Trish and Ryan

Ryan all sacked out

Looking Back

The view back at Wailea beach while I was out snorkeling

Beauty at night

Out for a nighttime stoll

Honolulu Coffee

We had coffee almost every morning at this great coffee shop in the Shops at Wailea


"causing serious injury or death!" Yikes

Our Condo

Here's a wide angle showing the living room looking out toward the deck and the kitchen


The bedroom in the condo

Bedroom view

Even the bedroom had a great view!

Off the deck

A pretty view off the deck

The Deck

The deck was really cool, with a table for outdoor meals and two perfect chaise lounges

Sunset on the balcony

The sunsets were beautiful this time

Christi and Ryan

Christi hanging out on the deck with Ryan

Dipping into the ocean

Great view of the sun sinking into the ocean

Evening in Wailea

An evening shot off the deck

Returning to the scene

A shot of me and Christi at the Seawatch where we got married


A cool corona around the sun

Dan, Ryan, and Tricia

A cute shot of Dan, Ryan, and Tricia

Palms from the Seawatch

Pretty sky from the deck of the Seawatch


I could take pictures of her all day

Mongooses (Mongeese?)

Whatever, they were adorable, and kept us safe from cobras!

Cute bird

I love this shot of the bird. Great lighting


I once read on a wall where someone had written "sundresses are proof that there is a God and he wants us to be happy" hard to argue!


I really wanted to try paddleboarding this time, but didn't get around to it. Maybe next time

Sunset in Wailea

A beautiful sunset in Wailea

Christi at sunset

We took sunset pictures on our way to dinner to meet my brother Jean and his wife Ramona who were flying in that night

Tall Sunset

I love how the sunset hits the clouds

Happy Ryan

Ryan is always happy!

Jean & Ramona

Jean and Ramona arrive in Maui, just in time for a great dinner

Another beautiful day

Another beautiful day in Maui!

Hanging with the surfers

Dan, Christi, Ryan, and Tricia up on the cliffs overlooking the surf beach

In Lahaina

Ramona and Jean in Lahaina

Nice outfits!

I nearly wet my pants when I saw these outfits!

Checking it out

A surfer waits for the right time to jump in

In he goes

Apparently the time is right

At the surf beach

Jean and Ramona at the surfing beach over near Paia

Cute Lizard

Isn't he adorable? he was right outside our condo

Sunset from Capische

A great sunset and an outstanding meal

Group shot at Sorrento's

Hanging out before dinner at Sorrento's

At dinner

Christi at dinner

More sunset

Did I already make the sundress comment? Well, it's true!

Me and my bro

My little brother Jean. He's forgotten more about computers than I'll ever know

Great shot

A great shot of Jean and Ramona at the Seawatch

Palm at sunset

I love the gradient of the blue in the sky

Makena from a distance

Big beach at Makena from a distance

Makena at sunrise

Big beach at sunrise

Big beach shadows

Early morning shot on Big beach

More big beach

another cool big beach shot


When our friends Brian and Tricia and Chris and Mary were over for the wedding they kept getting waken up by roosters, so I shot this for them

Long shot

A long distance shot of Makena

Red bird

We kept seeing these red birds. they are adorable


Another cool bird with a red head

Another Mongoose

He was adorable, but you shouldn't try to hug them

On the run

A mongoose on the run


We saw him while we were out taking pictures on our final morning on the island

Pocket Pals

The pocket pals on the deck