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Lopez Island - 2008

We went up to the San Juan Islands again this year and spent some time with my Family on Lopez Island. My parents were up there for a couple weeks, so Christi and I rode our bikes onto the ferry and went up for a day on one weekend, and then later that week we went up and spent 5-days there with our bikes and kayaks when most of the family was up there.

Here's some of the shots I got:


Christi on the Ferry

A shot of Christi as we took our bikes on the ferry over to Lopez

The grouch

Christi suggested that we head up for the day to try to cheer me up. I'd had a tough time at work and my biking shirt definitely matched my mood. Getting out for the day was just what the Dr ordered.

The Coi Pot

This piece of pottery with the coi on it was a gift from Dad to us to remember the trip to Paris. The coi were two of the fish we'd seen when we were wandering the grounds at Versailles


Here's another great pot based on Versailles. This one shows Marie Antoinette's hamlet and the swan that we fed baguette

Dad's Pottery

I love the display stand that Dad built for his pottery

Vinny and Claude

We'll miss them! They belong to Leonard Wren, an artist that has lived up on Lopez for years. He was moving off the island right after we went up this year and taking his two pygmy goats with him. Visiting them has been a staple of our trips to Lopez, and we'll miss them.

Vinny & Claude's House

Wren Gallery

This beautiful studio and gallery was up for sale. I so badly wanted to just buy it and move in, quit my job, and become an artist

On Spencer Spit

Spencer Spit is a cool beach just below the campground where my family camps when they visit Lopez.

Dad on the Beach

Dad chilling out while the kids check the crab pots

Returning with the Crabs

Rosa, Gabe, and little Ethan return from a successful trip to check on the three crab pots

Gabe and Friends

Rosa and Gabe and some of today's crab catch. This was a good year for crab and they were yummy!

Beauty on the Beach

Christi on Spencer Spit

Heading Back to Camp

Annie and Ethan in the back of the pickup on our way back up to the camp site

Heading Home

The ferry that Christi and I caught back to Anacortes for the drive home. Visiting the island for the day was a great idea and made me feel much better.

Waiting for the Ferry

These adorable littlle birds were huddled on their branch as we waited for the ferry

Those neat black birds

These guys hang out on the pilings on the dock trying to warm themselves in the sun

Tiny Ferry?

This isn't a real ferry (at least I don't think so) but it looks just like one


I got some neat shots of water drops on the flowers

Another Angle

A few more drops

Me and Nadine

My adorable niece Nadine


A shot of Dad taking a shot

The Bay

Annie Bananie

Annie in front of the entrance to Fisherman's bay, on the day we rode our bikes

Christi and Me

On our bike ride

The Winery

We ran into a winery on our bike ride so we decided to do a wine tasting

In front of the Vinyards

Christi and I with Annie and Paul

Lopez Vinyards

They had an outstanding Rasberry desert wine

The options

That yummy desert wine

Here it is

Beautiful view

A great view out into the vinyards

Down the path

a shot down the path through the vines

Looking back

looking back at where we did our wine tasting. it's a beautiful area and would have been great to bring some baguette and cheese to make a picnic lunch of it

Heading across to San Juan Island

we joined some friends of my parents on their incredible boat for a ride from Lopez over to San Juan

Gabey & Nadine

Christine and Ramona

Mom & Dad's friends Berry and Christine have a beautiful boat and took us for a ride from Lopez over to Friday Harbor

Gabey & Ethan

Rosa & Ethan

As we cruise into Friday Harbor


A cool reflection of a boat in Friday Harbor


This adorable little seal was floating in the water right by the dock. I really wanted to hop in and pet him

He's adorable

He looks like a little sea dog

Cruising back

Annie and Paul with little Ethan on the cruise back to Lopez


This adorable little bunny was hanging out in our yard

Looking toward Fisherman's Bay

Standing in front of the Bay Cafe, looking down toward the mouth of Fisherman's Bay

Mom & the grandkids

Mom taking Ethan and Nadine for a ride


This cute deer was hanging out on the hill down to Spencer Spit

Ethan & Annie

Ethan and Annie on Spencer Spit

Ferry passing Spencer Spit

The ferries pass by Spencer Spit on their way to Anacortes

Looking down Spencer Spit

Hanging out on the beach


Chillin on the beach while Jean & Ramona are out checking on the crab traps

Checking the traps

Ramona, Jean, and Dad checking the traps

Looking across the Spit

There's a big pond in the middle of Spencer Spit

Balancing Act

Okay, so I shouldn't risk the safety of my nephew to get interesting pictures, but that's what I do. I take pictures

Another shot


Shanon walking across the beach

I've got a stick!

Ethan with his stick

Paul and the kids

Nadine, Ethan, and Paul

Heading back in

I love Smores!

Ethan having a messy, messy Smore

Shannon & Heath

Hanging out by the campfire

Another shot

of Shannon & Heath by the campfire

Shannon & Christi

at the saturday market

Those damn sheep!

This little girl was selling little handmade sheep across from where we were set up. I didn't sell a thing, but she sold EVERY SINGLE SHEEP!!!


These two guys were playing some cool music next to us

Hanging at the market

Here we are hanging at the Saturday Market

Cool display

a neat display of coffee at the market

Huge deadly beehive!

this thing was the size of a basketball. It scared the hell out of me

Up close

a closer shot of the huge scary beehive

Shannon and Annie

hanging in the Farmer's market

Mom at the Market

Beautiful Flower

There's a beautiful garden next to the Farmer's Market, so I wandered through and took pictures

Another view


Annie & the Annie

Annie paddling past "The Annie"


Gabey cruising along in my baby kayak


chasing off a seagul






more landing



Casino Night!

We went to a charity casino night, drank a bunch, and watched Gabe play

In Play

Even Paul got into the act

Letting it ride

Annie, Gabe, and Paul

The big winner!

Gabey's raffle ticket was a winner and he got a sonicare toothbrush. Totally appropriate since he was leaving to live in England the next day


by the Bay Cafe

Ferry at sunset

Beautiful guest house

This gorgeous guest house was built over the last two years next to the bay cafe

Sunset Boatride

A boat cruising by at sunset

Annie and Paul

Paul, Annie, and Gabe

Me and Christi

Gabe, Paul, Annie, Me, and Christi

Gabe & Annie

Another sunset shot

Pensive Gabe

One last sunset

Beautiful Bay

Christi and I went for a drive and saw this beautiful bay


Cool mailboxes

with the fields in the background

Annie & Paul

Paddling out to the little island on Agate beach

Gabe & Rosa

trying the same thing, but with little success

Making a run for it

Gabe giving up

They made it!

Gabe, Annie, Paul, and Rosa all made it out to hang out on the island

Ethan Cruising

Ethan & Annie

Ethan and his funny little gnome hat as we waited for the ferry

On the ferry

Rosa, Ethan, and Annie on the Ferry

Rosa & Gabe

As the ferry pulls away


Another trip to Lopez disappearing into the distance

Dad & Rosa


Hanging on the rocks

Eating chowder

Mom, Rosa, Annie, and Paul having some chowder