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San Juans - 2007

Since I was in high school my parents have been taking us to Lopez Island over in the San Juans. We still try to get together every summer as a family in the San Juans, and since then we've invited friends and the group has grown larger.

Lopez is the most laid back island, full of artists, and hippies, and farmers, and a few tourists here and there. It's a wonderful place to bike, kayak, hike, and camp, but it's also a great place to kick back in a little cabin, read a book on the porch, and get cinnamon rolls every morning at Holly B's.

Here's some shots I got when we were up there this year.


Heath's Sunsets

My sister Annie's friend Heath and his girlfriend came up with them from Portland. He said he'd love it if I could give him pointers on shooting with his camera. We never got around to it, and I asked him to send me his shots when he got back. His shots were so incredibly good I'm thinking I might have him give me some pointers next time I see him.


This shot is unbelievable


the orange is so great in this shot


Now he's just showing off!

At the market

Here's my dad's booth at the Lopez farmer's market. Another great shot by Heath

Annie and Pepito

Annie snuggling up with Pepito, my parent's 8-week old australian shepherd

Christi & Pepito

It was hard to put Pepito down. He was one cute puppy

Nick and Livia

Nick and Livia smooching while Pepito averts his eyes

Shanon & Heath

A cute shot of Shanon and Heath


My sister Annie showing off her Henna tattoo with her husband Paul


Heath got this great shot of a deer having a snack

Rosa and Zoe

My sister Rosa hanging out with Zoe


A great shot Heath got of Shanon

Dad and Annie

Another great Heath shot

Anacortes Ferry

A neat shot of the Anacortes ferry terminal

Heading out for crabs

Parked down at Spencer Spit getting ready to head down to check the crab traps


He's deadly!

Going after Annie's hair

Pepito going after Annie's hair

The Crab Man

Gabey coming in from his version of "Deadliest Catch"

Vinny & Claude

Vinny and Claude are the two pygmy goats that belong to an artist in the village

Claude or Vinny

Not sure which is which


Of course wearing a football jersey (Barcelona I think)

Boats on Fisherman's Bay

The boats on Fisherman's bay shot from the village

Fresh Produce

Each weekend there's a farmer's market with art and produce from around the island

Setting up Dad's Display

Everyone pitching in to help set up Dad's pottery display at the Farmer's Market

More Produce

And you can see a cool wood fired pizza oven in the background

Hanging out

Gabe, Paul, and me hanging out at the farmer's market

Dad's Pottery

It was a race, when we put the pottery out, to pick out what we wanted and put "sold" stickers on them. The sheep platter in the middle now hanging in our house, as is the princess behind it.

Say "I Love Crepes"

There was a great little crepe stand, making them while you wait (and wait, and wait, and wait, but they were good)

The Full View

The full layout of dad's pottery

My Bone!

Someone gave Pepito a bone and he went nuts, growling and protecting it

Seriously, my bone!

Stop taking pictures of me, and get away from my bone!

A Little Tuckered Out

From all the gnawing and growling

Mom With Poster

A shot of mom with the Farmer's Market poster

Taking a Walk

Pepito taking a walk

The Crepe Making Process

Brutally slow, but well worth the wait

The Crepe Maker

Practicing her craft

Painted Ladies

Annie and Shannon showing off their tattoos

Chilling with Pepito

Gabe chilling with the puppy and a book


You don't see as many deer as on Orchas Island, but there's a few

Christi & Pepito

Christi snuggling with Pepito

Heath & Shannon

Hanging out on Spencer Spit while the crab pots are being brought in

Bringing in the Crab Pots

Me and Annie fetching the crab pots


Rosa zonked out with Pepito and Zoey

Of Course

More adorable shots of Christi and the puppy


More of Gabey and the puppy

How's that saying go?

A puppy in the shirt is worth...

Beauty at sunset

Always a perfect picture

Heading Out

A boat heading out into the sunset


Rosa at sunset

The Girls

Annie, Rosa, and Shannon at sunset

Us at Sunset

Christi and I at sunset in front of the Bay Cafe

Raindrops on Flower Petals

Perfect raindrops on flower petals

More Raindrops

We got a bit of rain on this trip

Hanging at the bungalow

Annie, Shannon, and Gabe hanging at our bungalow, with dad in the background

Victoria and Mason

Our friend Carla's niece Victoria with her son Mason

Water on leaves

A cool shot of water drops on leaves

Ready to paddle

Annie and Shannon getting ready to head out in the kayaks


Rosa paddling around Fisherman's bay

Night at the bungalow

The little bungalows we stay in have a great garden area around them

Coffee Shop

Our favorite coffee shop, quite eclectic


More of the coffee shop. You can go a hundred times and always find something you missed before

Love their politics

They always have funny political cartoons hanging up. I especially loved the easter bunny one

Baby Ryan

Tricia and Dan joined us for part of the trip and brought Ryan, who has to be the most well behaved baby in the world!

Dan and Ryan

Dan hanging out with Ryan

Heading to Friday Harbour

Dad and Rosa (and mom in the background) heading down to walk on to the ferry to Friday Harbour

Paul & Annie

Paul, Annie, and Pepito heading to the ferry

Cards on the Ferry

Whiling away the time on the way to Friday Harbor

Rosa and Puppy

Rosa swaddling Pepito

Funny Sticker

I was giggling and taking Paul's picture with a sticker stuck to his back. Little did I know that someone had stuck one on my back too.

More Stickers

Rosa gets tagged too

The Garuda and I

A cool shop in Friday Harbor where I find beads

Plane Mobile

I love this mobile! So much that I got three. But two are for gifts.

Peace Dog

A cool dog in the back of a volkswagen bus

Nice Try!

Gabe hoped that sitting on the bench with Pepito and a book would attract women. It did, but unfortunately he didn't specify age, and most were in their 70s

Dad in the stacks

Dad checking out a cool used bookstore in Friday Harbor

Incoming ferry

The ferry coming to pick us up and take us back to Lopez

Waiting for the ferry

Victoria, Mason, and Gabe waiting for the ferry

Heading for the Ferry

Dad and Rosa heading down to catch the ferry home

Emily & Gabe

Carla's daughter Emily and Gabe on the ferry home

Black & White

And just for fun, a black & white version

Pooped Puppy

Pepito crashed on my coat on the ferry

Pooped Puppies!

And Dan doesn't look any less sleepy

The Swatzell Campsite

Mom & Dad's campsite. Many crabs and smores were eaten here! Fun to hang out, no fun to set up and break down (did someone mention there was a bed & breakfast nearby?)

The Bay Cafe

Incredible dining, right on the water

Can you hear me now?

I can't tell whether I shot this in Seattle or the San Juans, but it was too cute not to include

Me and Pepito

Pepito time was in great demand, but I got my share

Tour de Lopez

Lopez is a great Island for riding bikes. Pretty flat, great scenery, and short distances

Christi and Ryan

Wow, that must be one good kid for Christi to want to hang out with him!