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London and Portishead 2011

In June 2011 Christi and I went to London to meet up with my sister Annie and her husband Paul so we could attend my little brother Gabe's wedding.

We spent two days in London, then headed to Portishead where he lives for the wedding. It was really fun, and the ceremony and reception were wonderful!

I've broken the albums up into a London album, and a Wedding album below. The "Wedding" album has everything from Portishead including the rehearsal, the wedding, the reception, and shots from around town.

If you'd like copies of all the photos on your computer, just right click here to download to save a zip file of all the pictures from the London photo album to your drive, and here to download and save a zip file of all the pictures from the Wedding album to your drive. Once the zip files are on your computer you can just unzip them and you'll have all the pictures.