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July 4th at Ames Lake

Our friends Claire and Kevin invited us over to their house on Ames Lake for the 4th of July. It was an incredible day, and their house was the perfect venue to enjoy the warm summer evening and the beautiful fireworks displays.

As the fireworks were going off, of their guests pulled out a guitar and amplifier and ripped out the most incredible Hendrix style rendition of the star spangled banner. Combined with the company, the fireworks, and the beautiful weather it made for the perfect 4th of July evening.

Here's some shots I got that day. I especially love the long exposure fireworks shots towards the bottom. I think "Another Malfunction" is one of the best shots I've ever gotten.



Looking sharp!

Cool Boat

The neighbor's cool boat

Full On Fireworks

The neighbors across the lake had a full barge of professional fireworks

Raging Party

Another neighbor across the lake had quite the get-together. Not as out of hand as a professional fireworks barge, but they had some pretty impressive fireworks


Phil, recovering nicely from his bout of non-smoking

Claire and the Cupcakes

Psyched about the Cupcakes

I had to wrestle the little kids for a cupcake, but they were great!

Cupcake Lover

clearly a cupcake lover : )


It was so close, I almost wore my princess outfit. It would have been so embarrasing


Claire's daughter Tyler in her perfect 4th of July outfit

Beautiful Night

The night couldn't have been more perfect

Masters of Disaster

A bunch of guys with too many fireworks. Nothing good can come of this : )


Christi and Claire hamming it up

Too Loud

She was not loving the sound of the fireworks

Minor Malfunction

A minor malfunction from the guys on the dock

Another Malfunction

But it came out beautiful!


a different crop of "Another Malfunction"

Our Wonderul Hosts

Claire and Kevin as the night wrapped up (at least for us)