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Japan - December 2007

In December 2007 I went to Tokyo for two days of meetings. I was only there for two nights since we were leaving in a few days for Maui so I did as much running around, taking pictures, and Christmas shopping as possible in the time I had.


Informative Toilets

While waiting for the bus at the airport I couldn't help taking a picture of the icons on the buttons on the toilet. Now that's full service!

Waiting for the bus

I foolishly took the bus from Narita airport to Shinjuku. I had to wait for an hour and then the bus took an hour or two longer than the train, and not much of a view at night

The View

My room had an incredible view across the city. This is one big city!

Shopping anyone?

Why yes! I love shopping, especially when I can find stuff I can't find at home. This huge shopping center was right across from my hotel

I must have this!

I wanted the reindeer suit so bad, but couldn't justify it. It was darn hard to pass up though.

Bright lights

I loved walking around at night and checking out all the lights. I love seeing things that I can't see at home

The view in the morning

Here's the view from my room in the daytime. The Microsoft office was in the same building as my hotel, so it was incredibly convenient

Starbucks are always the same

I love Starbucks, they are always the same wherever you go

Cute kitty

I love the kitty carrying another kitty in this truck's logo. I've seen it here in the US, but I had to take a picture because it's adorable

Tommy Lee Jones recommends

Apparently Tommy Lee Jones recommends the drinks in this vending machine


I found this far out cemetery while I was wandering the streets

The Bell

This cool bell was at the edge of the cemetery

Adorable kids

This bus was chock full of the most adorable little kids I've ever seen. And that's saying something, because kids usually just annoy me

Little Christmas monster

The little christmas monster flags were adorable

Pretend food

Ah, I just love the pretend food!

Cool cop

This traffic cop was pretty cool

Steel dragon

This cool dragon was hanging in the restaurant we had lunch in

Krispy Kreme - 50 minute wait!

This Krispy Kreme was right outside the front door of the hotel. There was no line when I grabbed one in the morning but later in the day it was almost an hour wait. They're good, but not nearly that good

Wait sign

This sign shows the wait time for Krispy Kreme

More pretend food

Seriously, how cool is that!

Nice Hair!

But the hats are a nice touch

Neo Tokyo Fooding Bar

What a cool name! I'm heading out for some fooding!

More cool lights

Nothing says Japan like the bright lights on the buildings


I asked around and found out that people wear masks when they have a cold to avoid giving it to other people

The view

This is the view out of the other side of the hotel. You can see the tracks of Shinjuku station below, and the shopping center across the way

Mt. Rainier coffee

It cracked me up that they had Mt. Rainier coffee over there and we don't have it and we live in the shadow of Mt. Rainier

My Hotel

Here's the Microsoft building (and my hotel) as seen from the walkway over the Shinjuku station tracks