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Halloween 2009

Our friends Zaakera and Sean invited us along with them to an outstanding Halloween party at the house of their friends Scott and Melissa.

The party was great! They live out in the woods in this great house and had it all decked out for Halloween, and even had a "Haunted Trail" through the woods with all sorts of spooky stuff hanging from the trees, glowing eyes, and people hiding in the woods to scare you. After the obligatory jello shots we headed off into the woods in groups of four and braved the spooky trail. It was a blast, but admittedly much more challenging for Christi and Zak who were in high heels. Sean was one of the spooky guys in the woods, so after leaping from behind a tree and scaring us we had to wait for some kissing between him and Zak before we could move forward : )

We didn't know anyone but Zak and Sean, but everyone was so friendly and fun that we didn't feel out of place at all!

I was so impressed with the care and creativity that everyone put into their costumes! I didn't have my real camera, and (and I can't believe this happened to me) my battery died partway through, but I had my baby camera and got some great shots of some of the costumes. 

Last year we went to the Bonza Bash at the EMP for a Halloween party, and it was stunningly lame, so actually going to an awesome party this year was quite a relief!

Photos (note: just click on a photo below to open a larger image. The larger images are not full resolution as that would slow opening them way down, but if you want a larger resolution copy just drop me a note at

Alice & the White Rabbit

Me and Christi before we headed out. We found Christi's adorable Alice outfit in Maui a few weeks ago so we hunted down a white rabbit outfit for me. A first I was going to wear a suit or tux with it, but the liederhosen from last halloween were much more "storybook"

My Adorable Alice

Wow, I totally win!

Christi and Zak

Christi as Alice, and Zak as a German girl

Secondary Bunny Costume

I knew I'd never be able to wear the fully bunny head all night, so I had a secondary ears and nose

Garden Gnome and Lawn Flamingo

These two were outstanding! And actually part of a set of three lawn ornaments

Lawn Jockey

Here's the third part of the lawn ornament trio. He's the brother of the flamingo

All three ornaments

Gnome, Flamingo, and Jockey

Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf

These guys were great! When we were looking for a costume to match the Alice costome I found a big bad wolf costume and tried to get Christi to switch to little red riding hood, but we couldn't find one in time

The Queen Bee, and Cruella

The Queen Bee is our hostess Melissa (who is also a dog trainer! how cool!), and Cruella is her friend who actually made both of the costumes by hand. Both were outstanding

The Weinsteins from Boca!

I think that's what they were going by. They were awesome! Right down to the raccoon eyes and the cruisewear

The Spooky Trail

Christi and Zak navigating the spooky trail in their high heels. Quite a feat!

Scary even for Hockey Players

The Hockey Players on the spooky trail. It's still spooky even if you're carrying big sticks!

The Queen Bee

Melissa, welcoming us to the end of the spooky trail. She was awesome!

Mickey and Minnie

Bad, bad, Minnie!

Dick Cheney and the Sheik

I knew Cheney was in cahoots with the oil producers! Cheney isn't wearing his mask in this shot, but his halliburton wear was outstanding

Christi and me!

She is soooooooo adorable!

Smackelba and Christi

I decided a few months ago that since Zak prefers her full name of Zaakera that I'd conform (as much as I can) and call her Smackelba

The Geek and the Fraulein

Sean and Zak. I'm pretty sure that I saw Sean making a few tweaks to the config.sys and the autoexec.bat

The Pirate and his Wench

Great costumes!

Me and Zak

I love Zak

Christi and Sean

Great Recipe!!!

I had to take a picture of the punch recipe. It was totally yummy

His Royal Badness

The big bad wolf was awesome

Cutting loose

getting down on the dance floor!

Queen Bee and The Big Bad Wolf

Answering the age old question of whether wolves and bees ever dance

Christi, Sean, and Zak

Sean is happy, very happy!

Tequila Girl

She was our fourth on the scary trail and was a blast!

The Rockin Wrestler

Cutting a rug, Nacho Libre style

Christi and Zak

Japanese Fighter and Mephisto

Or something like that, but the costumes were great!

Yum! Jello shots!

There's ALWAYS room for jello!


She is so cute!


This couple was something like Brett Michaels or Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson or something like that, but it was dark and my shot totally missed him. One more reason to carry my real camera at all times

Wolf, Hood, Bunny, and Fraulein

hamming it up for the camera

Stuck in an invisible box?

I'm not sure, but it looks like the lawn jockey got stuck in an invisible box

Mixing drinks in your mouth

I'm sure there's some special name for mixing drinks in your mouth, but I'm clearly not hip enough to know what it is. Regardless, the big bad wolf is getting one here

What's so funny?!?

I know, but I've been sworn to secrecy

Here comes the shots!

She made it hard to say no

Okay, I didn't even try to say "no"

And it was yummy!

Zak and the Queen Bee

Open wide!

Physician, heal thyself

Tequila girl gets a dose of her own medicine

Fairy Tale

Okay, to be honest, at this point I was pretty much rewriting the fairy tale in my head (bad bunny!)

The kitchen dance

Getting down in the kitchen

Self Portrait

Okay, I didn't quite line it up right, but it's a great shot of Christi

Hanging with the Queen Bee

Chillin with the Queen

The "I know what you're thinking" look

She does, and doesn't slap me every second of the day, and that's why I love her (among many, many, many other excellent reasons)

Here comes the Sun

I'm not positive, but it looks very Venetian Carnival to me

Awesome picture!

A black lab with a red collar, just like Rocco. We sure miss him. I need to find out where I can get a print of this!