Here are three pages of photos from our trip to Chelan to celebrate George and Sibyl's (Christi's Parents) 50th wedding anniversary. It was a fun time, and I actually got to drive a motorboat for the first time ever!


As an anniversary gift we created a cool coffee table book photo album with pictures from over the years, and quotes from friends and family. If you'd like to see a PDF version of the book, right click <<here>> and download it to your computer. It's a large file (7.5mb and takes about 3-minutes to download over a fast internet connection) so I definitely recommend copying it to your computer vs. trying to view it online.


If you'd like to download a Zip file (a compressed folder) of all the photos below (and in the other two pages) just right click <<here>> and save the file to your computer, then double click it to create a folder of pictures on your computer. Note, the file is around 178mb, so will take quite some time to download to your computer. The folder will have higher resolution pictures than in the galleries below, but as always, if you want the full "printing" resolution photos for any of the shots, just let me know and I'll figure out a way to get it to you.


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dscn0047_small.jpg dscn0050_small.jpg dscn0052_small.jpg dscn0062_small.jpg dscn0064_small.jpg dscn0067_small.jpg
dscn0068_small.jpg dscn0073_small.jpg dscn0074_small.jpg dscn0075_small.jpg dscn0094_small.jpg dscn0103_small.jpg
dscn0104_small.jpg dscn0107_small.jpg dscn0111_small.jpg dscn0178_small.jpg dscn0193_small.jpg dscn0218_small.jpg
dscn0243_small.jpg dscn0252_small.jpg dscn0258_small.jpg dscn0261_small.jpg dscn0264_small.jpg dscn0265_small.jpg
dscn0266_small.jpg dscn0267_small.jpg dscn0346_small.jpg dscn0347_small.jpg dscn0348_small.jpg dscn0349_small.jpg
dscn0350_small.jpg dscn0351_small.jpg dscn0352_small.jpg dscn0353_small.jpg dscn0354_small.jpg dscn0355_small.jpg
dscn0356_small.jpg dscn0357_small.jpg dscn0358_small.jpg dscn0366_small.jpg dscn0367_small.jpg dscn0368_small.jpg
dscn0369_small.jpg dscn0370_small.jpg dscn0371_small.jpg dscn0372_small.jpg dscn0373_small.jpg dscn0374_small.jpg
dscn0375_small.jpg dscn0376_small.jpg dscn0377_small.jpg dscn0380_small.jpg dscn0384_small.jpg dscn0386_small.jpg
dscn0410_small.jpg dscn0414_small.jpg dscn0417_small.jpg dscn0427_small.jpg dscn0449_small.jpg dscn0466_small.jpg
dscn0467_small.jpg dscn0477_small.jpg dscn0486_small.jpg dscn0539_small.jpg dscn0546_small.jpg dscn0553_small.jpg
dscn0558_small.jpg dscn0561_small.jpg dscn0564_small.jpg dscn0566_small.jpg dscn0568_small.jpg dscn0571_small.jpg
dscn0580_small.jpg dscn0581_small.jpg dscn0585_small.jpg dscn0589_small.jpg dscn0596_small.jpg dscn0600_small.jpg
dscn0601_small.jpg dscn0616_small.jpg dscn0644_small.jpg dscn0646_small.jpg dscn0648_small.jpg img_0003_small.jpg
img_0010_small.jpg img_0011_small.jpg img_0012_small.jpg img_0017_small.jpg img_0019_small.jpg img_0023_small.jpg
img_0031_small.jpg img_0045_small.jpg img_0057_small.jpg img_0066_small.jpg img_0097_small.jpg img_0100_small.jpg
img_0109_small.jpg img_0114_small.jpg img_0118_small.jpg img_0121_small.jpg img_0129_small.jpg img_0135_small.jpg
img_0164_small.jpg img_0171_small.jpg img_0180_small.jpg img_0181_small.jpg img_0182_small.jpg img_0183_small.jpg
img_0184_small.jpg img_0191_small.jpg img_0203_small.jpg img_0209_small.jpg img_0216_small.jpg img_0223_small.jpg
img_0232_small.jpg img_0238_small.jpg img_0252_small.jpg img_0253_small.jpg img_0255_small.jpg img_0257_small.jpg
img_0258_small.jpg img_0265_small.jpg img_0266_small.jpg img_0270_small.jpg img_0271_small.jpg img_0278_small.jpg
img_0279_small.jpg img_0283_small.jpg img_0313_small.jpg img_0331_small.jpg img_0338_small.jpg img_0353_small.jpg
img_0355_small.jpg img_0358_small.jpg img_0361_small.jpg img_0368_small.jpg img_0370_small.jpg img_0376_small.jpg
img_0388_small.jpg img_0396_small.jpg img_0399_small.jpg img_0408_small.jpg img_1373_small.jpg img_1382_small.jpg
img_1384_small.jpg img_1385_small.jpg img_1388_small.jpg img_1390_small.jpg img_1395_small.jpg img_1396_small.jpg
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