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Remembering Duke

We lost our sweet, sweet, wonderful friend Duke on Wednesday November 12th 2008.  He was a sweet and wonderful dog who enriched our lives more than we can ever measure, but we'd exhausted every treatment and knew that we had to do the right thing for him and ensure he's not in pain.

We miss him like our lungs would miss the air if there was none to breathe

    As if the sun would never rise again to warm the earth beneath our feet

        As we would miss the moon if it never again lit the landscape of an autumn night

            Like there is an empty space in our hearts that would swallow the world


Our tears fall like rivers that rush to the sea

     Like a flood that would capsize the fragile vessel of our hearts

        Like a torrent that would overflow an ocean and cover the world


His sweet wonderful soul spread warmth into our hearts every time he looked into our eyes

     His great love was the water and he was sure that the fate of the world rested on his ability to fetch his toy

        His grey muzzle sought you out no matter where you were, to shower you with kisses and love 

            Snuggling with him washed all the stress of the day away, and reminded you that work was only work 

Duke, you filled our hearts, and there you'll live forever!

 - click the image below to link to a gallery of photos of our wonderful life with Duke -