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Day of Caring - Habitat for Humanity

On Friday October 12th we did our Day of Caring volunteer work at a Habitat for Humanity site.

I felt bad for the people in the group that weren't able to make it to the day of caring. It cooler than previous years for a couple reasons:

note: I may have made all of that up

We learned some neat stuff about Habitat for Humanity. The people moving into the houses pay $100,000 for the house, and need to put 200-hours volunteer time into Habitat for Humanity work as well. Once they put something like 80-hours of volunteer time in, they can pick which of the houses they want.


The Equipment

Most of my day was spent driving this around and digging out the foundations for new houses. Don't worry, I got several minutes of instruction before I got to work

Kevin Names his Hard Hat

They had all of us put our names on our hard hats. I put "Jimmy" on mine, but changed it to my real name after they explained that your real name is critical if they need to get your attention

Daniela, Marla, and Kevin

Part of the crew hanging out waiting to get started


This is Lauren, one of our Americorps guides

Jeff & the 10 Commandments

Here's Jeff by the 10 Commandments of Safety

I'm with Stupid

Michele also modified her helmet name. Hedge is behind her, and unfortunately I never got to implement my plan to entertain myself by asking him to repeat Geico Gecko phrases


Takue Honda enjoying the safety lecture with Daniela


Unfortunately there was no "Marketing" project, but Andi did end up doing the most creative task we had, painting

The Safety Lecture

An Americorps team member (in the red helmets) giving the safety lecture. Kristina in the green helmet is with Habitat, and the woman in the white helmet is the future owner of one of the houses we're working on


Marla, Daniela, Jeff, and Kevin chatting over lunch

Lunchtime 2

Trish, Takue, Andi, and Reggie having lunch


Here's Christi at lunch. We went out and got our own hard hats the night before (I didn't want a used helmet

Cutting the Siding

Christi holding down the siding while Marla cuts it, and Amanda their Americorps guide overseeing. I was hoping Amanda's last name was Hugankiss, but it wasn't

Overhead work is brutal

Kevin doing some overhead nailing. Much harder than it looks!

Successful Siding

Christi, Marla, and Amanda after placing a piece of siding


Trish keeping hydrated

Showing great skill

Reggie in action with a skill saw

More Cutting

Daniela holding a board while her Americorps guide cuts it

Supporting Reggie

Takue, and Jeff holding the board while Reggie cuts it

Andi with Pudding!

Unbeknownst to us Andi's job consisted entirely of making and eating pudding! Okay, it was really painting, but it looks like pudding.

Andi's Handiwork

Here's Andi in front of the house she's painting, with the future homeowner behind her

Is it level?

Christi, Kristina (Habitat), Amanda (Americorps), and Marla (hidden in the back), evaluating the siding