Over the last two weekends, we took the puppies to Greenlake for a walk, so we could introduce them to lots of people and dogs.


The vet told us that we should introduce them to as many people, animals, sights, sounds, and experiences as possible before they turn 12-weeks old. It's their formative time.


On the first trip, we thought we'd walk them until they tired out, then we'd put them in a wagon we borrowed and pull them the rest of the way around. It would get us some exercise, and the puppies would have fun.


We underestimated the cuteness of the puppies, and it took almost two hours to get halfway from Starbucks to the boathouse. We stopped every five steps to meet new people and dogs, and they'd have nothing to do with riding in the wagon until they were completely tuckered out.


The second weekend we tried it again, and got a little further, and had a blast. We did, however, have to carry both of them all the way back to the car, and they're getting awful heavy!

makenameetsanothernipntucklab_small.jpg makenaseesanotherdog_small.jpg andwandersoff_small.jpg beautyaftertheshortestgreenlakewalkever_small.jpg merelaxingafterthewalk_small.jpg
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