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Lambkin Circumnavigates the Globe!

    Copenhagen - November 2006

Hi, I'm Lambkin. You may remember me from other trips Mark has taken as I go lots of places with him. He usually puts together these pages of photos, but he's been pretty busy, and this trip is tough on him since he's never been away from Christi for this long, and he's a bit of a baby. Plus, he was talking to his friend Doug from college recently and he'd suggested that he hand over responsibilities to me for this one.

Mark had a Readiness Summit to attend for three days in Copenhagen, and then another three day Readiness Summit the very next week in Beijing. This resulted in a flight from Seattle to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Beijing, and then Beijing back to Seattle, so that gave me the opportunity to join him and fully circumnavigate the globe. And do so not in 80 days, but a mere 11. Not bad for a young sheep finger puppet from a Starbucks in Redmond.

This page covers the Copenhagen portion of the trip, and when I finish putting it together the Beijing portion will be right here.


On Top of the World

This seemed the perfect picture to celebrate my circumnavigation of the globe

De-Icing the Wings

The snow was really coming down when I flew out of Seatac. Apparently the airport shut down soon after we flew out


There's a lake across from the hotel and I saw this swan there. Check out the water dripping off his beak

Barge on River

This river is right down the street from the hotel

A few more Logos?

I love this building. "could it have more logos?"

Roasted Chestnuts

I ran into this little stand in a side street and loved the lighting

Pedestrian Street

This cool pedestrian street called Stroget (but the "o" should have a line through it) runs through the center of town and has lots of neat shops along it


There were tons of vendors along Stroget and the street was full of holiday shoppers bundled up in their winter coats


A beautiful fountain

The Royal Theater

This theater was in a large square at the beginning of Stroget

Horse Shadow

A statue of a horse is projecting this cool shadow on a building across the square

Elevator Malfunction

This shot shows it working fine, but last night the elevator stopped at our friend Andrew's floor and and Mark pressed the button for our floor to close the door and the panel beeped and every floor lit up. We thought it was just a fluke, but sure enough it stopped at every floor on the way up. Luckily it was only a four or five floors

The Yukky Room

We had a smoking room when we got here and the hotel was full. Last night Mark woke up in the middle of the night really sick and spent much of the night throwing up. I think having to smell smoke all night was part of the problem, but today they got us into a non smoking room. Thank goodness finger puppets don't have lungs, it makes life much easier

The Good Room

This is our non-smoking room, and it's much brighter too


Tonight we went out to this outstanding dinner show. It was part cirque de soleil, and part vegas show. The singing was incredible and the comedy was hilarious. Here's Michelle from our group, who was pulled up on stage to help with a balancing act

Tim Lends a Hand

Two of the performers came over to our table and and they guy in the Chef's costume lowered his partner so she was standing on Tim's shoulders then walked away. Andrew got this shot while Mark was struggling to pull his camera out of the bag

Hopping Off

By the time he got his camera out the performer was hopping off

Gilles gets a Lift

The same two performers came over later and after demonstrating the lift on his partner he grabbed Gilles from our Paris office and lifted him up too

Gilles at full Height

Here he is all the way up in the air


Mark wasn't supposed to take pictures so he only risked taking a few when our party was involved, so he went up to the web and found a few. Here's one of the performers who worked the trapeze


The Elvis act was outstanding. At one point there were seven Elvis's (or is that Elvi?) on the stage, doing some excellent songs between hilarious bickering. This is another shot Mark found on the web

Another Elvis Shot

Here's a shot that our friend Andrew got of the Elvis performers. Great lighting

The Elvettes

That's not what they called them, but when Elvis was on the stage he had seven Elvettes backing him up. The singing was outstanding, but I didn't know whether to appreciate it, or crack up at how campy it was. this shot is another one Mark found on the web


We left the show early because Mark had to get away from all the smoking (the place was full of smoke), and he was a bit tired. We walked home and got some great fresh air while taking a few cool shots


As I crossed the river on the way to the hotel Mark shot this picture of a plant up the river

Bar at Night

This cool bar was at the base of the bridge and I loved the lighting

Which Came First?

This animated chicken sign cracked me up. The only thing better would have been an animated sheep sign

Lambkin & the Mermaid

Here I am posing with the little mermaid. Ok, technically a little mermaid replica at the airport, but that's what she looks like

Haribo Tropi-Frutti

The empty section in the middle of this candy rack is where the Haribo Tripi-Frutti flavored candy used to be. It's Mark's sister Annie's favorite candy and she can't find it in the states. Even in Copenhagen it was tough. we went to no less than eight places looking for it and only one had a few. This is the place, and this picture was taken a few days later when we figured they'd restocked and I could get some more. No joy

Louise and Michele Get a Snack

While walking down the street on the way to a boat tour of the canals Louise and Michele decided to try some of the local snacks

Flying Cow

This guy in a cow outfit was just cruising around the skating rink in the center of the city

Irish Coffee

Here's the waitress hooking Mark up with an Irish Coffee in this great little Organic Restaurant in the Nyhavn area

Or Something Like That

Check out this funny description on the menu

A Formidable Show

This naughty bar in Nyhavn offers a "formidable show". I have no idea what makes a show formidable, but it's quite the claim

Der Frozen Boaten

This is the boat we toured the canals in. we sat outside so Mark could get better pictures, but it was brutal cold

Local Ducky

This guy was hanging out by the edge of the boat hoping we had snacks, but no joy

Boats on the Canal

There were some incredible boats on the canals in Copenhagen

The Toaster

This is their new opera house. Apparently there's lots of complaints about the design and people saying it looks like a toaster, but it looked neat inside. Not everyone can have the Sydney opera house

Cool Church

This nifty church had a staircase going all the way around the top

Tight Squeeze

This wasn't even the tightest bridge on the tour. Mark had to keep remembering to duck


he, he, he, it says fart! Did you think you'd make it all the way through a trip with Mark without a fart joke?


Pulling back into the canal at Nyhavn

Curtain of Lights

The curtain of lights across the square was beautiful

I Missed Him!

Mark and I were so bummed! We missed Justin Timberlake at the bakery!

Holiday Lights

The lights along the Strojet mall were beautiful


Check out the cool instrument on the left. It's huge!

You Know What my Christmas Tree is Missing?

A frog flashing people! This is apparently the Christmas special I missed

A Touching Demonstration

Walking back along Stroget we ran into this incredible Aids demonstration in one of the squares. They were letting people put out little oil lamps and the guys with torches were lighting them. It was incredibly poignant

Michele and Louise Place Lamps

Here's Louise and Michele placing oil lamps. The ground seemed to be covered with fire and the smoke rose and swirled around people like something out of a movie

True Story

This shirt cracks me up

I Love FRI

We loved this shirt. One of the major things at Mark's work is the "Field Readiness Index" or "FRI". Mark photoshopped out the word "Tekst" under the heart. I don't know what "Fri Tekst" means, but it makes a great I Heart FRI shirt

The Jagermeister Trike

I took a ride on the huge Jagermeister Motor-Trike sitting in the Copenhagen airport

Riding on the Wing

Here I takes a ride on a model plane in the SAS business lounge in Copenhagen

Helping Out

I got to help Mark pick out movies on the way to China