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Blue Angels at Norm and Lisa's House!

Norm and Lisa invited us over to watch the Blue Angels again this year, and I got some great shots of the Blue Angels. In addition, I got some shots the day before when our friend Audrey got me a pit pass to the hydro area.

Here's a video I shot one of the planes (right click here to save to your desktop).

Thank you Norm and Lisa!!!



First, I find it odd that two of the planes have the same number 7, and in looking at a few pictures you can see that some planes have one seat, and some have two

Norm & Lisa's house

You can see their house from the hydro pits

King and Bunny's

The old King and Bunny's TV ads used to crack me up

One big recruiting push

The Seafair area was one huge recruiting station

Not the Blue Angels

These were some other sort of plane that went up before the Blue Angels

Fat Albert

The Blue Angels support plane


Someone's been naughty!


It's a bad picture, but the vapor from the tight turn is really cool

Precision Flying

Now this guy knows how to fly!