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Blue Angels at Norm and Lisa's House!

Norm and Lisa invited us over to watch the Blue Angels again this year and it was outstanding!

Even with the slight overcast I was able to get some great shots of the planes. It took a little clean-up on some of the shots, so some of the photos have some sharp edges, but overall they came out pretty good. I didn't do a lot of description so I could get them posted quickly.

Here's a little video I made out of the sequential shots towards the bottom of the page (right click here to save to your desktop).

Thank you Norm and Lisa!!!


Oops, a typo!

I love this typo on the sign being pulled by a plane


We were right across the lake from the Hydro pits

Coast Guard Helicopter

Doing a demonstration

A-10 Warthog

Check out the cannon on the nose

A Mustang

Fat Albert

The Blue Angel Support Plane

Blue Angels

And here they come!

A cool sequence

This is the sequence I used for the little video clip above

A Bald Eagle

He's young, so he's not "bald" but he's pretty cool


The boats are supposed to drive in "wake free" mode, and offenders got busted. Here's an example of the police whipping out to stop a boat that was speeding