Christi's Birthday Present

Christi really wanted a Hope Chest for her 40th birthday to hold things like our wedding invitations, cards, and other keepsakes. My dad is an incredible artist, so I got ahold of him to see if he could design one and have a friend of the family who is a master carpenter build it. Dad did me one better. Not only did he design an incredible piece, but with some engineering guidance from Karl, dad built the entire piece himself.

I wanted it to be made of two different contrasting types of wood, be functional as both a hope chest and a coffee table so it would always be on display in our family room, and have the word "Beauty" inlaid on it. Dad made it out of Walnut and Cherry, came up with the incredible idea of not having it open like a chest, but have the entire interior accessible through a drawer on each side, and he inlaid the Chinese character for Beauty using black resin.

Here's one of his initial sketches as well as photos of the finished piece that he delivered yesterday.